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Meet Fine Artist Chris Denovan

 Meet Fine Artist Chris Denovan

Cherry Orchard.


Christopher Denovan, an artist from Cape Town, believes you cannot make art if you’re not interested in looking in the one place where it lives; YOU!

Denovan said: “Having left art school I was disillusioned and felt lost in the art world. I turned my back on painting and tried to move forward to something else. So I studied and worked in animation. This semi worked for 5 years, and while I didn’t touch a brush to canvas, I did start to learn more about me.

“Then one day someone very close to me died and life did a somersault which resulted in me picking up a brush once more. Painting again never felt so right. I resigned from my job as an animator, made an art studio for myself and started to create art again.”

Check out his paintings below.

Abstract Woman With Coloured Patches.




Broken Pieces.


Green Edge.


Boy In Yellow.

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