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#NoNikonOnSet #BlackOutNikonOnSet As Agencies Fight For Transformation

 #NoNikonOnSet #BlackOutNikonOnSet As Agencies Fight For Transformation

Nikon South Africa has come under fire from South African creative agencies after it took to social media to announce a new campaign, titled ‘Nikon Z50 Influencers’.

The campaign follows seven South African videographers and photographers as they share “the moments they capture on their Nikon Z50” cameras.

The campaign was immediately criticised on social media for it’s lack of representation and inclusivity with only one photographer in the seven, Austin Malema, being black.

Velokuhle Ngubane, CCO of Avatar Agency Group, has led the outcry for transformation, saying their Group will stop using Nikon products on set and called out to other agencies to follow suit. The #NoNikonOnSet movement was set in motion.

The same stance has been taken by agencies including DNA Brand Architects and Academic Republic.

In response to the public’s disapproval and the call to ban the brand, Nikon SA issued a statement.

This didn’t deter the public from the #NoNikonOnSet movement as they continued to weigh-in on what the brand needs to do to regain their confidence.

Creatives have since agreed that the logo of the brand will be blacked-out whenever on set in order protect the livelihoods of those that have already invested in the brand.

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