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Splitbeam Adds Dramatic Lighting To Artist Bev Butkow’s Latest Installation

 Splitbeam Adds Dramatic Lighting To Artist Bev Butkow’s Latest Installation

Gearhouse Splitbeam brings its technical expertise to almost every type of live entertainment ranging from musicals, opera and dance shows to drama, puppetry, community arts projects and theatre festivals.

Splitbeam is proud to continue its involvement with the arts and exhibitions through the opportunity to work with leading artist Bev Butkow, lighting her installation for the virtual RMB Turbine Art Fair.

Bev Butkow created an immersive woven environment that weaves itself into the building of her artist studios, the Bag Factory Artist Studios in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Using weaving, she knotted together different threads into entangled ‘sculptural’ forms. In addition to supplying dramatic coloured lighting, Oliver Hauser, Head of Lighting at Splitbeam enjoyed sharing creative ideas through his eye for design to enhance the required look and feel.

The theatrical and performative effect of the lighting shifted the space, making it feel visceral and somehow embodied. Undulating shadows bring a sense of movement.

The lighting grabs the space, shining spotlight on specific moments so they can be experienced and savoured.

This tangled network of experiential moments feels ambiguous and conversational in nature. It seems to capture the texture of life and of bodies being caught up in the everydayness of life.

“Splitbeam is always excited to work in the arts in all its forms and fine art is an area we particularly enjoy as we can bring technical expertise and supply equipment to complement the style, craft, talent and imagination of the artist” said Splitbeam MD, Alistair Kilbee.

The installation was meant to be experienced physically as an immersive environment. But lockdown changed that.

A digital form of the installation can be “experienced” at the virtual Turbine Art Fair as part of the Tactile Visions-Woven curated exhibition.

Don’t miss the Turbine Art Fair live from 28 August – 2 September 2020.

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