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Watch “Part Of The Pack” By Emily Cross

 Watch “Part Of The Pack” By Emily Cross

Part Of The Pack educates the public on an endangered species in their country that no one knows or is talking about while looking at what makes an African Wild Dog so unique and gives insight on how they are as a species.

Emily Cross is a full time production manager at an advertising agency based in Durban, South Africa who created a documentary on the silent epidemic African Wild Dogs face in South Africa.

This is an animal Emily is extremely passionate about contributing in any way to try and save this species.

Emily said: “We highlight the challenges and life threatening situations that African Wild Dogs have to face on a daily basis. As a pack they face the threat of snaring, poaching, sicknesses, natural enemies as well as negligent driving in reserves. This film hopes to enlighten and encourage the public on how it can assist, what it can do to make a change, and how it can educate others to make a difference in the outcome the species is facing. This film brings light on the silent epidemic this species is facing and hopes to be the motivation to get the public involved to make a difference.”

In 2016 Emily wanted a change in career fields and after helping her father on his award winning documentary The Fun’s Not Over it was clear that film and media is the field she wanted to be in.

With no study background and being home schooled from grade 9 she taught herself everything she needed to know around her new career.

From here, Emily learned the ropes and worked her way up to being a Producer and Production Manager. From here Emily said yes to any opportunity that came her way.

This included winning best film in 2018 for her film Joyride at the 48 Hour Film Project, as well as being placed top 3 in 2019 too for her film The Greenhouse Effect.

In 2018 Emily pitched her passionate documentary pitch for Part Of The Pack at the Nature Environment and Wildlife Filmmakers congress which won her R50 000 to produce her short documentary.

Her pitch won the audience award that year as well as a lot of media attention.

Part Of The Pack has been accepted to a number of festivals around the world – her best to date being the London Eco Fest 2019.

Emily hopes to continue using her position to be a voice for others through documentaries in the future, as well as the hopes to get additional funding to turn Part Of The Pack into a feature documentary.

See more about Part Of The Pack here.

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