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Liberty Refreshes Its Brand

 Liberty Refreshes Its Brand

Life insurer and investment group Liberty South Africa is reaching out to share its vision of a more personal and human based approach, through a wide-ranging advertising campaign.

Following a thorough process of analysis, planning and most recently, dealing with the COVID – 19  pandemic, the financial services provider affirms that  part of being ‘in it with you‘, means leaning into more human conversations and expressing a holistic interest, not just around finances, but about what you’re like as a human being and all of your idiosyncrasies.

“Liberty used to be famous for its product innovation, its market-firsts, but clients are constantly evolving, and so is the world. And we should constantly be evolving too. People need more than just new products, advice and expertise. If they’re trusting a financial services provider with their money – even their livelihoods – they need to know that the people in charge of such important investments care about them, and truly understand them, ” said Chief Marketing Officer at Liberty, Thabang Ramogase.

Active listening has become key to the new approach, because listening isn’t merely about being there only in times of crisis but being a perpetual partner in customers’ financial lives.

A ‘Humanifesto’, which led the advertising approach, ends with a simple request from its clients:

“Make things easier. Make things go away. I’m not asking for much. I just want to know that I’m not alone, that it’s going to be okay, and that you’re in it with me.”

The refreshed branding is about reinforcing the idea that Liberty wants a more holistic relationship with its clients, to be there for them in the best and worst of times.

Beyond new training programs for its Financial Advisers and contact centre staff, Liberty is also re-examining its policies internally, along with demystifying the language used on these as part of its promise to offer simplified and more accessible solutions to its clients and potential clients.

“Trading on an inequality of information shouldn’t be the norm for the insurance industry. We want to cross that chasm, help people get the knowledge they need to make informed decisions without the difficult language,” said Ramogase.

But it’s not just about a philosophical shift, Liberty is also charging ahead with the technology to support that change.

With digital transformation – hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic – Liberty will be using brand new technologies to help streamline processes that will allow its employees to focus more on the human side of dealing with clients.

Ramogase wants to emphasise that this refresh isn’t totally reinventing the wheel. The iconic flame logo still represents Liberty’s desire to give clients the freedom to grow their wealth and leave a proud legacy for their families.

This stands as a permanent reminder of the company’s ongoing efforts to be charitable and help promote literacy, financial and otherwise. But now, there’s a more human touch, an approach that was reinforced during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

It was a difficult time for many of Liberty’s clients, but it presented opportunities to allow the FSP to make a difference, providing premium relief for many of its products and giving much needed advice to people whose career security was at risk.

Of course, it did present some internal challenges, particularly when it came to the team’s brand relaunch efforts.

“It hasn’t been easy to initiate a brand refresh during a pandemic; however, we found ways around it such as our internalisation process where we created an internal anthem using our staff’s personal props and technology to infuse what we called the sound of Liberty.”

“Creating the television commercial was a learning experience during the COVID lockdown period. Try and imagine filming a commercial with the added complexity of social distancing! Let’s just say while it may have delayed us, we’re ready now, we’ve made it, and we’re here to show the public that we’re in it with you,” said Ramogase

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