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Meet Artist Qhamanande Maswana

 Meet Artist Qhamanande Maswana



Qhamanande Maswana’s  works are based on the state of things as they exist from his personal experiences and journeys, instead of the idealistic version of them.

The reflection of these journeys is made possible by the artist through the process of engulfing himself with the subjects as well as their surroundings truths either by means of his interactions with them in conversation or merely as an observer.

Everything is by design.

These are stories that stretch past the context of the current moment but are highly intertwined with the forgotten history of African stories, one that often falls short when not recorded or told by Africans themselves.

In the Beginning of the End.

His works often exudes a sense of royalty by the subjects presented, not because of any social or religious hierarchy but simply due to their efforts, which attests to their characters and qualities.

We are one.

The typical idea of a ‘spotlight’ worthy muse is challenged in that his subjects are often from an economically depressed background and under-served communities, ones that are otherwise nullified by the media and art alike; he gives them a sense of visibility and presence within modern society.


Each piece of art by Qhama is a glimpse into the reality that relays parts of the larger story, something like minor epiphanies as he goes about his path, ever-evolving and adapting to the wisdom of African stories shared by elders – is it because of this that each piece breathes life to African heritage.

See more of his work here.

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