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Two Infinity Pictures Short Films Shortlisted For The Berlin Commercial Awards

 Two Infinity Pictures Short Films Shortlisted For The Berlin Commercial Awards

South African production company, Infinity Pictures, has two short films, Vultures and I’m A Recovering Racist, shortlisted for the cultural impact award at the 2020 Berlin Commercial Awards.

The Berlin Commercial Awards highlight the best and latest in fashion film, personal work, commercial, and music video content.

Vultures explores themes of structural issues in South Africa and the positions of power still maintained by these structures. It looks at the
ways in which the characters are different but also explores the sense of loss they both share.

By the end of the film, the positions of power have shifted and we move forward into a different future.

I’m A Recovering Racist tells the story of Nigel Branken, a midde-class, white South African, who moves his family out of an affluent, predominantly ‘white’ suburbs and into the black inner city area known as Hillbrow. Hillbrow is infamous for its high levels of poverty, crime and violence.

Nigel and his wife, Trish, strongly believe in the lived experience of other individuals, and that the only way to fully empathise with and support people from more difficult backgrounds and conditions is to live along side them.

As a white South African, Nigel recognises the vast levels of inequality and racism that characterize the lives of the majority of black people living in South Africa. He is a staunch supporter of equality, anti-racism, and economic and social transformation.

Check both films out below.

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Ray Maota