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20 Habits That Break Habits By Pepe Marais Hits The Shelves

 20 Habits That Break Habits By Pepe Marais Hits The Shelves

“There are two kinds of habits. Those that limit us and those that liberate us. And in order to eradicate a limiting habit, you simply have to replace it with a liberating one.”

These are the wise words spoken by South Africa’s own brand-purpose pioneer,  Pepe Marais, cofounder of Joe Public United.

In his latest book titled 20 Habits That Break Habits, author and entrepreneur Pepe Marais shares intimate details about habits holding him back and the liberating ones he’s replaced them with along the way – from turning wine into water   to replacing television with the kitchen table.

The book comes just two years after the success of his first book, Growing Greatness, A Journey Towards Personal and Business Mastery, which focuses on entrepreneurs finding purpose for their business and themselves.

To date it’s sold over 4 000 copies and achieved top 3 of Exclusive Books’ best seller list. 20 Habits That Break Habits couldn’t come at a better time than now, after many South Africans have had to either reinvent themselves and get brutally honest about who they are, what they are doing and more importantly, why.

Pepe said: “Usually for many of us, including me, it takes a lifechanging event to kick-start the journey to first finding one’s purpose before we can even begin to identify and break habits.  This book is another effort to bring out the best in myself, and in doing so inspire the best in those around me.”

As founding partner and Group Chief Creative Officer of one of the top award-winning integrated brand and communication groups Joe Public United, Pepe lives for creativity that deeply connects with people.

His passion is to co-create an environment and culture that promotes exponential growth of their people, their clients and ultimately our country.

He developed his own “Purpose for Business” methodology and has a deep interest in unlocking both human and business potential.

He was voted by his peers as the Most Admired Agency Creative in Johannesburg from 2014–2016 and ranked as the Most Admired Agency Professional by marketers in the 2017 SCOPEN agency research report.

He believes that Joe Public United  is at the beginning of what they set out to do in terms of the calibre of work they aspire to create. He also understands that it’s all about nurturing and growing the creativity within their people, and that all of Joe Public’s past and future successes were, and will continue to be, because of its people.

20 Habits That Break Habits will be available at all Exclusive Books from 20 November 2020.

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