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Checkout Candice Kramer’s “Stand Still” At Kalashnikovv Gallery

 Checkout Candice Kramer’s “Stand Still” At Kalashnikovv Gallery



Candice Kramer’s body of work references people, historic family photos and antiquated maps within the Johannesburg inner city setting.

She is intrigued by the transience of being while the buildings last forever. It is the transience of being that belies the seeming eternity of the physical structures.

Playing with metal surfaces to create natural textures like rust and corrosion, and manipulating its shape into different forms, Kramer looks to bring life and dynamism to the industrial materials.


The artist uses these mediums to question her place, space and belonging. She attempts to connect to the memory of the past and find her space in the future.

Monochrome Walkers.

Her artworks invoke nostalgia and the passage of time. She often uses images of walkers representing progress, forward movement and the frenetic pace in which we lived our lives pre-COVID-19.

The pandemic, however, has taught us to stop and take a moment – stand still.

Life Circles III.

“Stand Still” is on until 19 December 2020.

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