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I/24 = (UN)MASKED: An Exhibition Of Prints By APS 3rd Year Students

 I/24 = (UN)MASKED: An Exhibition Of Prints By APS 3rd Year Students

Artist Proof Studios’ Printmaking Education Programme offers a wide range of printmaking techniques.

Students create drawings to be translated into prints. For this year, 2020 students will exhibit their prints and drawings, sharing their 2020 Education journey.
All prints and drawings are available for sale at affordable prices, from R500 to R2000.
i/24 Stands for an edition number; and I for each of them as individuals, exploring their identity, and 24 represents them as a 3rd year group collectively probing their identity.
The common theme that runs through all works is an exploration of their identity as young Africans, now, an  excavation, carefully  digging up the immediate landscape and excavating the  remains of their personal and collective  histories, resulting in a pile/mound of remains that shapes their identities, that have come to the surface.
Exposing a flux of  unspoken  identities within this context at a particular time.
The exhibition attempts to (Un) mask living in African and the Afropolitan city of Johannesburg. They collectively unmask culturally sensitive historical, social and political issues that are faced in South Africa.
It examines roles, mannerisms and values of  traditional cultural practices within our communities in order to address these culturally sensitive, socio-political issues.
The artists believe that in our society these issues are often disguised and through their work they attempt to unmask and address them.
“Many of us have been taught  by our elder’s that some things are too sacred to be shared publicly. We have  grown to understand that in order to overcome or fully comprehend what we are faced with as young  aspiring artists, we need to address our challenges. We actively seek to (un)mask the depths of our being and render it less of a taboo.  We therefore feel that our exhibition i/ 24 = (un)masked provides us with  an appropriate platform to address these taboo matters” reads the artist statement.
The word (un)masked in the title has a dual function. It firstly refers to the wearing of masks as one of the preventative methods of spreading the Covid-19 Virus.
They have used (un)masked in the literal sense of taking off the masks that we now use as an essential in our everyday lives as an outcome of the pandemic.
It secondly refers to the (un)masking of the concealed complexities of our concepts and identities  that many of us are grappling with.
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