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Infinity Pictures Back With New Experimental Animated Music Video

 Infinity Pictures Back With New Experimental Animated Music Video

Infinity Pictures that produced Vultures, an animated movie exploring themes of structural issues in South Africa during lockdown, are back with a music video for South African Electronic Artist: myageisdigital.

Grant Sissons, Creative Director at Infinity Pictures, said: “The song itself follows the story of Kevin Carter and the infamous photo he took of the little girl and the vulture. The song looks at the furor that built around the photo, and how sentiment changed from awe around the power of the photo to accusations that Kevin could have helped and should have helped the subject of the photo. In the end, this seems to have contributed to his eventual downfall.

“In terms of the video itself, it’s a pairing of completely different narratives that somehow seemed to work. In the surrealist narrative of the video, our protagonist crashes to earth and wakes up in an astronaut/cosmonaut suit in a car. She explores the surrounding areas to find images that do not reflect her as a person or her own reality, and so she transforms into an African eagle, a creation of a new and free identity, one that allows her to escape the status quo and redefine herself.”

Bang Bang is the latest release from electronic artist, myageisdigital.

See video below.

myageisdigital – Bang Bang (Official Music Video) from Infinity Pictures on Vimeo.

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Ray Maota