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Meet Artist Cassius Khumalo

 Meet Artist Cassius Khumalo

Welcome to the Jungle.


Cassius Khumalo expresses a deep seated fascination and understanding of spiritualism, venturing into it from his respect and acknowledgement of his ancestry.

His rich visuals and applications are easily identifiable, and act as a conduit for spiritual enlightenment and for communities from the diaspora to connect, relate and identify with their spiritual ties.

Boy From The Valley 2.

Khumalo states: “Venturing into studies of multi dimensionality and spirit and its universality with multiple interpretations defines how human beings mould their own world on a minute to minute basis. We mould ourselves with that which we believe in the most, we forever are in quest to understand the spiritual realm. Every nation, every civilization, every religion defines itself with its spiritual magnanimity.”

The Leaves That Were Never Found.

“A paradox becomes visible in our choice of representation, where some begin to deem the spiritual belief more supreme than others. My artwork investigate the spiritual realm, I interpret the mystical spiritual world which is translated into charcoal drawings. I believe that true Leaders are led by spirit and that it is my task to enlighten people through my artwork,” he adds.

Three Heads Are Better Than One.

See more of his work here.

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