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United By Inspiration United By Dickies

 United By Inspiration United By Dickies

Dickies has launched its first ever global multimedia marketing campaign  United by Inspiration, United by Dickies. 

The global campaign features makers of various products and art spanning worldwide; from culture-drivers to traditional artisans. Globally, from different countries and cities, these makers share the same motive driven by their crafts with the definitive goal of creating a message that individuals across the global are united by art.

Implemented during the global pandemic, United by Dickies has become the new reality; that we’re all apart but still shaping the future together through action, work and creative expression.

The campaign is about building communities inclusive of diverse individuals under one common language, which is inspiration.

Dickies called on 2 South African makers who have worked and ignited a culturally driven passion within their discipline to participate.
They are:
  • Bonolo Modise: An amazing jewelry designer with a minimalistic approach to her design, driven and inspired by African influences and her hometown Soweto.
  • King Luthendo: A Tshivenda rapper and illustrator telling you a story of a South African culture.

Each maker is tasked to create a cinematic campaign in their creative environments showcasing South African talent and their individual crafts.
The purpose is to show two individuals of different lives and backgrounds merging into one true narrative.
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