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Check Out Seth Pimentel’s “An Ode To Catharsis” At Kalashnikovv Gallery

 Check Out Seth Pimentel’s “An Ode To Catharsis” At Kalashnikovv Gallery

The premise of Seth Pimentel’s new body of work is a cathartic release. There is a collective sense of woe lingering in the world.

He had recently been put in a very intense emotional space, feeling as though his life had started shifting out of control and he couldn’t balance the weight of it all.

The pandemic has placed a massive impact on our collective emotional, physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

Pimentel created every piece with the sole intention of encapsulating his conscious and subconscious feelings. To have an open conversation with the parts of himself he has neglected for years. To re-evaluate his self.

For Pimentel, every piece serves as a small thank you note to a person who has inspired him, and all the stimuli that followed.

The show itself is an exhibition of his emotional journey, grateful for everything that has happened. It exhibition opens on 6 February and runs until 27 February 2021.

Pimentel is an illustrator, painter and experimental visual artist currently living and working in Johannesburg. He focuses on pushing the boundaries of visual art’s conventions by attempting to merge traditional and digital work, into a hybrid of experimentation.

See more of his work here.

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