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A snippet of the Stadio Design School Lookbook

 A snippet of the Stadio Design School Lookbook

The future is fashion

Students today, icons forever.

The Stadio Design Fashion School 2021 fashion show turned lookbook is a space that showcases the life that the young designers give to their garments.

What we appreciated when we were in that space is the vast expression. No two designers portrayed their passion and the story of their work using the same hands. Each garment sings its own song, a song composed with the distinct voice of its designer. These garments are not just clothes; they represent hours of sitting and drafting, years of dreaming that this what your body and your mind know as a symbol of love. It is concentration, brainstorming, minutes of classes and the designer breathing through their fabric.

Here is a snippet of all the third year ranges:

We saw culture holding hands with fashion in Motumiseng Teffo’s Lenyalo that is brought to life by the joys of Tswana weddings.

We saw colour contrast twirling in Chiara Galvani’s Piazza range that held complementary and contrasting colours in its material.

We think Michael Weightman’s Raw City: A Canvas of Paradox would be amazing on a runway at Fashion Week.

Naa’ilah Saloojee’s Belladonna range is one where today meets yesterday.

There is life in the minimal in Tyrick George’s range.

Sahla Kardame’s re:mould range carries garments that are made sustainably.

We would definitely wear sunhats with Courtney Sharpe’s Origin range.

Hannah Brown’s One range wants us to take home that we are one in fashion, there is no gender when it comes to what we wear.

Naailah Rangila’s DÁmour bridal collection is a deconstruction of what society dictates brides should wear.

Lu-Cainé Robinson channeled punk principles in his creation of his range, Satirical Sensibilities.

Duduetsang Kompecha’s Stately Soirée range was inspired by the archives of the early 19th century.

Spirituality in fashion: Jess Hahn’s Light in the Darkness range is based on the biblical verse Matthew 5:14.

Ronaldo Engelbrecht everyday wear from his range Urban Utopian uses black as its focal point.

Humayra Akhalwaya’s Grey Scale range is a representation of the 1950s architectural trend Brutalism.

Tasneem Kaka’s The Darkest Summer range was inspired by the concept of survival after an apocalypse event.

Porsche Ramolelekwa’s Runaway Bride tells the story of the softness of a body of water.

With Emboldened Jessica Kalanda wants to emit courage and statements that stand tall.

Siyabonga Mtshali’s storytelling is alive in his range Till Death Do Us Part.

Erika Nel’s Mythical Edge is a range that aims to above all empower women.

The beauty of the jelly fish is alive in Onwuachu Chidinma’s range Deep Sublime.

D’Artagnan Abrahams’s The Deep speaks for the oceans and seas.

Ariadna de Olivera’s range looks like a comfort zone.

View the full ranges:

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