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Front Row Media Podcast

 Front Row Media Podcast

Get in the front row, we’re going to get insights on fashion!

Podcasts have become such an important tool of knowledge and conversation. A podcast is an internet digital audio platform where its creators host discussions on any topic of their choice. Podcasts can be educational or entertaining and are slowly taking over the world of digital audio. When 3 come together, great things arise. Odwa Zamane, Wesley More and Katleho Modiko came together and brought us Front Row Media Podcast. A podcast focused on the South African industry and is a tool to get insights on South African fashion.  It is has been creating amazing content over the past year. The hosts invite South African fashion creatives and provide them with the opportunity to impart their knowledge and/or experience with the fashion industry. They also feature South African creatives in the fashion industry to get to see them on a more personal level. If fashion is your thing and you just love being updated and inspired by it, Front Row Media is for you so get in and go listen!


Tshedza Mashamba