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Hitchat is supporting the dreams of young artists

Who is Hitchat?

Hitchat Entertainment is a social enterprise focused on uplifting communities through the
power of music and professional production. Having previously collaborated with MTN, we
have recently made a breakthrough by securing international investor partners for the kickoff our Series A round of financing 225.000 USD investment.

Hitchat Beats Pandemic’s Expectations: Foreign Investors

There are subtle signs of hope for our economy and one does not have to be an expert
economist to notice the re-ignition of key industries. The entertainment industry and
specifically live music have been one the most severely impacted with artists simply not
being able to take the stage. In fact, nearly half of South Africa’s live music workers may quit
the industry for good.

Enter, a socially driven Hitchat Entertainment whose sole responsibility is to unlock socioeconomic development through the power of music. Over the past two years Hitchat has
been piloting its social enterprise by developing a community-centred music production
scheme that empowers local artists to share their rich talents within their local audiences –
giving previously disadvantaged members a platform.

The pilot began in Philippi, Western Cape in partnership with MTN’s ‘Music Time!’ and
‘Ayoba’ to produce an act of talent from Nyanga, Khayelitsha and Philippi. Now drumming
up international investment, Hitchat secured their first of a Series A capital from
international partners and are developing a new act after completing a round of auditions.
The 225.000 USD investment indicates a pool of opportunity for future partners to maximise
their stake in a growing industry.

“We have just finished an audition process to launch a new girl band. Thousands of girls from
disadvantaged communities in South Africa have auditioned but only six girls will become the girl
band. The girls will live together in a house in Cape Town and get trained daily to become the next
big act. The members are being announced this month.” says Nicole Landgraff, CEO & Co-founder

Key to the success of a social enterprise is the economic value returned to the stakeholders
of interest and our community itself. In this way, we see a Hitchat that grows the
community and itself simultaneously.

“On behalf of the Hitchat team I want to thank all the investors for supporting the Hitchat cause.
Thanks to the investments we can now expand to more territories, empower even more youth, create
equality of opportunity and create entertainment in the communities that need it the most. “ – Erik
Grönwall, Co-founder

Keep your eyes and ears open for Hitchat as there is little doubt that the need for a
democratised music platform is long overdue and that the next strategic partnerships will be
pivotal to the success of Hitchat and the communities they represent – reinvigorating an
entire industry.

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