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Joshy O’Hook and his music of love and unity

 Joshy O’Hook and his music of love and unity

Joshy O’Hook brings his love for a woman and sentimental gifts for us in his EP Lifestyle Zulu Boy

A young man from Nigeria, who now wakes up to birds chirping and the sounds of tires moving on the roads of Cape Town, brings his own plate of music to the table where we share the melodies and vibrations of Africa. His plate is dished up with versatility. His vocals are of deep house, hip-hop, acoustic as well as tribal genres. And for us, represent the unity of our continent; our sound like our culture is not monolithic. O’Hook’s music proves that there is no such thing as ‘Nigerain music’ or ‘South African music’, there is music and we are all part of it. His experiences of his childhood in Nigeria and the relationships and conversations he has had with people whom he has met in South Africa go hand-in-hand in his musical expression. We cannot separate the two. In his music, we hear a man of Nigerian heritage who has stories to tell about his encounters with both home and the places his body has been outside of his comfort space.

It does not end there though. O’Hook delves deeper and finds parts of himself that have loved to exchange with us while we listen. His single 4DO, a song about love on his EP, is an expression of a fragment of O’Hook who loves and loves with the intention to never stopping loving. It is an expression of his joy in loving a woman he loved from the first moment that they shared with each other. He vows to take care of her on his belief that women deserve to exhale in their relationships and worlds of love because the world is suffocating for them. A music video will soon accompany this love story.

And it is not just about love for him. His musical gift as well as his EP was created to unite every community in our world and serve as a reminder of the love that should be going around. His musical journey was birthed in Lagos in early 2017 and has since become the art of creativity for him.

His why lies in who he creates music for. The process of creating music is like painting a picture that is for his and his listeners’ ears. We believe that Lifestyle Zulu Boy is a picture painted with words and beats that you can listen to here:


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