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On Monday we listened to

 On Monday we listened to

The Louvre Collection, a playlist

Soundcloud is the Pinterest of music for us. It gifts you with soothing melodies and harmonies that align with your mood. The music there feels like a drive around a quiet neighbourhood during the late afternoon on a day in Autumn. It’s quite personal. On Monday while sitting down with ourselves we heard Tre Kirk’s music for the first time.

Tre Kirk is a Johannesburg-based Neo-soul artist who believes that music is a language. And from Tre Kirk’s musical expression, we agree and believe that what comes from Tre Kirk’s sound is a love language.

We listened to a 6 track playlist titled The Louvre Collection. The RnB/Soul and Trapsoul collection of songs sounds like notes addressed to a lover who will always have the speaker’s heart. The song titled Queen is in a tune with a spoken word that professes love. Tre Kirk’s music is sound sleeping in a bed with poetry; the two share a beautiful love in Tre Kirk’s music.



Tshedza Mashamba