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Ruth de Cerff’s words

 Ruth de Cerff’s words

The beautiful poem that Ruth de Cerff narrated in Fixate the Film 

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Fixate the Film was released on 14 February 2021, a day where the world expresses love and Ruth de Cerff’s words felt like a love language. Her words felt like words of affirmation. Words in film are significant. They do not just accompany the visuals, they are something that we can take from someone else’s minds and house in our own. Words are the children that our minds give birth to. They come from a place that is home to who we are, who were, who we wish we could be and who we will become. Some are conceived together with our encounters with pain, others never come to life because they are miscarried by our writer’s block and Ruth de Cerff’s are carried by Shekhinah’s voice in Fixate the Film directed by Monde Gumede. What her mind birthed is a poem that has the might to rebirth the relationships we have with who we were. It sits us down with fragments of our past that we are inseparable from. It affirms us that we will, that we will be liberated, that we will soar, that we will conquer, that we will see the light because the darkness has no control over us. We will. The light will takes us there.

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