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Stadio School of Fashion’s annual fashion show/lookbook Judges

 Stadio School of Fashion’s annual fashion show/lookbook Judges

The panel

Tamara Dey, Lalla Hirayama and Jacques Bama are the trio of judges who will have the honour of deciding who stole the show! Meet the judges below.

Tamara Dey

Here music meets fashion. We think that her diverse creative expression is a tool she will use well!

Dey is known for her eclectic music and passion for South African pop, kwaito, alternative and house music, Tamara Dey has come to the fore in the music industry. Dubbed by her local fans as ‘The First Lady of Song’, Tamara has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment sphere including Oskido, Khuli Chana and DJ Zinhle. Her journey of self-discovery through her music has not only led to the birth of iconic singles, but multiple SAMA award nominations for Best Dance album; Best Pop album and Best Alternative album. When she is not in the recording studio or performing live, Tamara enjoys all things beauty, fashion and food related, especially if it is from Joburg’s extensive homegrown talent. In addition to her vast experience as a singing icon, Tamara is most known for her ability to cross language, cultural and age barriers by bringing people together under one interest: music, which is undoubtedly, the heart and soul of South Africa.

Lalla Hirayama

Lalla brings personality to the table and we think this is something that every panel needs!

Hirayama is an actress, model, television presenter and voice artist, Lalla Hirayama has flourished in the South African public eye. Her name has become a staple in the industry as she has served as a judge on the popular South Africa’s Got Talent show, hosted segments on Vuzu and even established her own show, Lalla Land. A bubbly personality, feisty sense of humor, and a great smile are all indicative characteristics of Hirayama. Outside of Lalla’s time in the spotlight, she advocates for women’s health and well-being. Partnering with medical practitioners, Lalla has come to develop a PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) supplement to help women in their plight against the disorder. Hirayama is not only recognised locally as she has represented South Africa in Hollywood’s biggest events including the Oscars. Here is where Lalla’s flare for fashion shows as she has flaunted local designers including David Tlale.

Jacques Bam

Having been in the same shoes, we think Jacques is perfect!

Born to design and create, Jacques Bam, a Stadio School of Fashion Alumni, has shown a zest for fashion since the young age of 9 years old. The founder of the extraordinarily unconventional brand The Bam Collective, Jacques’ creations have featured in major local events such as the 2018 Design Indaba Simulcast. His passion for the industry and his quirky personality is smoothly conveyed through his brand image and designs which strive to encapsulate the vibrant South African spirit. As the winner of the SA Fashion Week student design competition, Bam went on to collaborate with major retailer, Mr Price to develop a limited edition capsule collection entitled ‘BAM X MRP’. The BAM Collective emphasizes its mission to spark joy in its wearers as it pushes the boundaries of the commercial retail sphere. Bam’s latest collection named Meliorism is inspired by the belief that the world can be made better through human effort – a message that celebrates South African endurance during the global health pandemic.

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