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The Home of Spirituality in Sethembiso Zulu’s Art

 The Home of Spirituality in Sethembiso Zulu’s Art

Ikhaya Lika Moya Virtual Art Exhibition

Many African children are raised with an understanding of the spiritual realm and carry this with them into adulthood. It becomes a part of their life until it is something that plays a pivotal role in their becoming. There is a deep connection between their bodies as well as their minds and everything that they encounter spiritually. Prayer, lighting candles, reading the Bible, cleansing emfuleni (in rivers), wearing white doeks are all ways in which their bodies together with their minds navigate the world that they are taught to respect and acknowledge. However, this is not a monolithic experience; as much as it is a shared one, it is personal and subjective.

For Sethembiso Zulu, being a part of a Zionist church meant being connected to the spiritual realm through water and prayer sticks among other symbols of acknowledgement for a Zionist church. His symbolic photographic works in his Ikhaya Lika Moya Virtual Art Exhibition hosted by the NWU Gallery reflect his personal spiritual journey as a Healer who found home within a Zionist church. Curated by Senzeni Marasela, it is decribed as work that represents an intersection of what we know and understand and what we don’t in our spiritual encounters. We took from this that we may be entering a familiar space for him yet an unfamiliar one for many others. For us the titles of his work contribute to the story he is telling of where he finds home.

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