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Vogue Nights Jozi, Be There

 Vogue Nights Jozi, Be There

Tutu Zondo on Vogue Nights Jozi

Johannesburg, Jozi, Gauteng Maboneng is a concrete jungle where creativity is king. It rules our minds, it lives within our bodies and it is present in everything we emit. There is life in Johannesburg. All that is dead rises. All that breathes lives, even when the sun is resting. On March 27 2021, Johannesburg will become a world full of life, a space to come alive. And this world was created by queers for queers.

It is Vogue Nights Jozi.

We spoke to Tutu Zondo about how Vogue Nights Jozi is a universe of liberation with galaxies of expression for the LGBTI+ community.

Photo by Cedric Nzaka

‘Vogue Nights Jozi was born in 2018.

It was conceived from the longing for spaces of freedom, expression, music and fashion for LGBTI+ people. And first came to life through Lelowhatsgood’s curation of it at The J&B Hive. In December of the same year, we hosted our Beyoncé Ball the day before the Global Citizens Concert and since then we have seen the growth of a space that was inspired by the iconic Vogue Balls of New York City and Paris.

It comes from within us. Both Lelo and myself are present in every single detail of Vogue Nights. The bar, security, the line-up, the posters are all our creations. Everything has been seen and cared for by us.

Our mood board is part of our process of curation. I am a visual person. I appreciate aesthetics and the beauty of how things look. I also love creating unique experiences. Therefore, when creating our mood board we paid attention to the relationship between our aesthetic expression and what it will emit to people and their emotions. In doing so, we made the venue, the lighting, decor and the individual styles of the attendees the focal point.

Photo by Cedric Nzaka

This year’s theme is Extravaganza. More is more and this is exactly what we want to fill the space on Saturday.

In 2021, Vogue Nights will embrace the change our world has seen in the past year. We are committed to gifting people the best experience while remaining safe and aware. Plus, our venue this year is bigger and better! We also have a killer lineup of DJs and other surprises for our Vogue Nights family.

Vogue Nights is a universe of liberation, especially for young queers. This is a space for them to taste and experience a different kind of freedom and safety. I hope this space brings them joy and makes them feel welcome.’

‘Vogue Nights is IMPORTANT.’ – Tutu Zondo

Be in the important space tomorrow. Be free. Be there.

Vogue Nights will be hosted on the 27th of March 2021 from 17:00-23:00 on a rooftop at 28 Auret Street, Jeppestown, Johannesburg.

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