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Want to learn pottery?

 Want to learn pottery?

Clay Hands Studio


Here are classes you can attend to learn pottery

Do you want to learn a new skill? Have no idea what to do on your birthday? Do you just want to do something therapeutic and relaxing? Have you always wanted to learn pottery, but had no idea where to start? Do you have knowledge on pottery making or the necessary skills but want to brush up? We’re here to help you! We have put together a list of pottery studios that offer classes in South Africa. We really hope that you attend one of these classes and open up your own studio, sell your own ceramics, venture into a different hobby, discover another part of creative yourself or even gift others your beautiful handiwork. We tried our best to list studios/pottery classes that are open during the pandemic under alert level 1.

Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio

1. The Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio (Johannesburg)

The Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio is situated in Bordeaux, Randburg. You can attend this studio whether you’re with a friend, need a new team building idea for work or want to acquire more than just beginner pottery making skills. The studio offers team building workshops, weekly pottery classes and open Saturday workshops. What we really love about this studio is that tagines, Moroccan cooking pots, are fired and ready to be bought by you. Visit to find out more.

2. Dandy Pottery Studios (Pretoria)

Dandy Pottery Studios are in Centurion. It is up to you to go once or go weekly to learn more. They offer once off and weekly classes. To attend visit They have classes in March and April 2021, hurry and book!

3. Anthony Shapiro Studio (Cape Town)

This studio was suggested to us and we see why! Anthony Shapiro Studio in Cape Town offers both hand and wheel work pottery classes; you can either work it up with your fingers and get those muscles going or use a wheel! They offer monthly classes, once a week, for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. You are also welcome to ‘purchase’ these classes and gift them as a gift voucher to your loved one. Visit to learn more.

4. The Pottery Studio (Johannesburg)

The Pottery Studio in Bryanston offers morning pottery classes from Monday to Thursday and evening classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You are more than welcome to bring your tea and coffee or have something from their kitchen! Visit

5. Clay Cafe In The City (Cape Town)

This is not just a pottery studio that offers classes! Clay Cafe In The City is in the creative and craft space of Cape Town. There is limited walk-in space so book your spot to paint, fire and glaze something crafted from your own hands. Visit to find out more.

6. Rhoda Henning’s Pottery and Art Studio (Pretoria)

This studio in Pretoria not only offers pottery classes but painting pottery classes too! You can choose to create something yourself or paint something created for you. The studio offers weekly classes as well as monthly classes for pottery making. You can use hands or the wheel. Visit to find out more.

7.  Studio 3 Ceramics (Kloof, KZN)

This is the perfect studio for someone who wants to do more than just create pottery therapeutically. Studio 3 Ceramics offers full time monthly classes. Once off classes are made upon arrangement with the Studio. Visit to learn more.

8. Clay Hands (Cape Town)

Clay Hands offers online courses and classes you can attend yourself in Cape Town! We think this is perfect given the times we are living in! You can join a class as a member or a regular student. They have classes in April so hurry and visit to book. For online classes, visit

9. Bev Wild Ceramics (Johannesburg)

Bev Wild Ceramics in Boskruin, Johannesburg caters for people who just want to relax and do something that will take their minds off things as well as colleagues who are looking for their next team building activity. Visit to learn more.

10. Muddy Fingers Pottery (Kloof, KZN)

Muddy Fingers Pottery in Kloof is perfect for all ages! You can go there to unwind and learn a new skill. Visit



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