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Folasade – Honour Wears a Crown

 Folasade – Honour Wears a Crown

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I am a firm believer that in our African communities (and culture), the people who name us see something we are deserving of written in the letters that make up our names. We are not just named for the sake of being named nor are we named only to be distinguished from other individuals. We have always been a people that is reflected in one another. For example, when people saw a child’s behaviour, they attributed that to the home that they were raised in. We are named to give us a sense of belonging as well as a revelation of our destiny.

Our names instruct the world to see and treat us in a manner reflected in their meanings.

The name Folasade is of Yoruba origin. It means Honour Earns a Crown. It is the full form of the African origin of the name Sade. And I have no doubt that the destiny of girls named Folasade lies in them being worthy of ‘curtsies’ and the utmost respect. There is so much honour given to women named Folasade that they deserve crowns.

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A love letter

Folasade is the name to whom the love letter written in Folasade by Scorpion Kings and Tresor is for. Tresor accompanied by the sounds of amapiano beats and melodies sings rather than reads the letter.

It begins with affirming Fola that her lover is ready; to love in baby steps until the very end of time because she is worthy. She has always been. However, the letter affirms her of so much more too. Her lover vows to give her everything and reminds her that their love to Fola is the promise.

The love professed in this letter penned by her lover is honouring and symbolic of the crown he understands she deserves. The songwriter understands the power of our names and therefore, understood the precision in choosing a name like Folasade for the song. The name matters.

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Muses of the Folasade music video

The visuals that hold the hand of the lyrics of the amapiano song are just as emblematic as the words penned in the love letter.

A muse is the personification of that functions as the root of inspiration for a creative. It also denotes the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the nine Goddesses who rule the worlds of art and sciences.

In the music video we see two of these Goddesses who I believe are the personification of the (creative) director’s inspiration. The muses’ bodies are draped in colours which symbolize idealism and sincerity, amongst other things, respectively. In addition to this, they wear their natural hair. Natural hair is a crown that is inherent to Folasade and is therefore worthy of the honour she receives. It is an extension of Folasade and indivisible from the crown she receives in love.

Everything earned a crown.

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Pearls of love

Pearls kiss one of the muses’ body. Again, symbolism is the tool of expression. Pearls are emblems of incorruptibility and purity. The words sung in the background are a promise of genuine and untainted love and thus reflect the story of pearls.

Watch the Folasade music video here:

Folasade is a song in the Scorpion Kings X Tresor album, Rumble in the Jungle.

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Tshedza Mashamba