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The Stories of Womanhood in the Artworks exhibited at Art Curator

 The Stories of Womanhood in the Artworks exhibited at Art Curator

Iris Ampenberger Two women embracing Oil on canvas Size 44cm x 32cm


A piece on the stories of womanhood penned in this exhibition

It is because of women that every living person’s soles have felt the soil of the Earth’s ground. Therefore, the voices that narrate the stories of womanhood in artworks are important. We cannot ignore the importance of women. In other words, we cannot tell our stories without telling the stories of women since our stories begin with them. This news piece focuses on the stories of womanhood narrated in the artworks currently on exhibition at Art Curator. Everything penned by us below is our opinion.

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Iris Ampenberger
Two women embracing
Oil on canvas
Size 44cm x 32cm

The title of this work in the context of our society narrates the story of women embracing each other in a world that strives to divide them. It emits historical moments where women stood together. Women in our society have been each other’s refuge. In addition, we see this in our friendships with one another where we eventually become sisters to each other.

The stories we share with each other
Iris Ampenburger
Oil on canvas
Size 54cm x 44cm

Conversations are the foundations of many women’s stories. Whether we sit with our grandmothers over tea or talk to our older sisters in our bedrooms, what is gifted to us in conversation is the voice that is heard when we tell our stories.

Of who we are
Frans Claerhout Mothers and Children Oil on Canvas Size 92cm x 76cm

The stories of women who are mothers are narratives of sleepless nights feeding and days spent being selfless. In our country, South Africa, most people grow up in households headed by mothers. Out of all the works exhibited currently at Art Curator, this is the work that tells the stories of many South African mothers and children.

Lie in each of us
Maggie Laubser
Pencil / charcoal sketch
Size 42cm x 32cm

Portraits are reflections of everything that cannot be written or voiced. Here, we are gifted the story of a woman whose narrative rests in her eyes.

Other stories on exhibition
Roy Taylor
Valley Scene
Oil on canvas
Size 54cm x 40cm


Iris Ampenberger Business man Oil on canvas Size 38cm x 28cm


Stefan Ampenburger
Oil on canvas
Size 60cm x 48cm


Stefan Ampenberger
Oil on canvas
Size 105cm x 75cm
Gerard de Leeuw
Bronze Scupture
Size 54.5cm

Tshedza Mashamba