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‘Zingikhumbuza eNever Never’

 ‘Zingikhumbuza eNever Never’

Sun-El Musician and Nobuhle’s Never Never Music Video

The elements of song express a love story. There is a union in all songs. In other words, there is a marriage between the lyrics and the vocals as well as an affair between the visuals and the vocals. Sun-El Musician and Nobuhle’s Never Never is an array of this union. In addition, the musicians’ harmonious whole emits a dance by what is sung and aesthetics. Evidently, their music video is an expression of the matrimony.


The songs that lead to eNever Never

Nobuhle sings of Never Never while she sits on the seat at the back of a taxi. In singing about this phenomenon, we presumed that what she sings about is something she is not willing to let go of. Why? Her plea is that the taxi driver continues to play the songs that reminds her of eNever Never. Pausing any of these songs on their journey will reduce the journey to just a drive. In other words, there are two journeys that she is embarking on. There is one she is traveling in the taxi and another whereby she follows the melodies of the songs that lead her to Never Never. However, where is she going? Where is Never Never?

Is Never Never a place? Or a state of mind? Where do these songs take her?

The answer to the question lies in the words scripted by Nobuhle in the sunset of the music video although it rests in the aesthetics too. There is a place of tranquility that Nobuhle and Sun-El Musician travel to while on the road. On their way there, they are passengers of their minds.

Never Never is a state of mind.

In our eyes, it is surroundings gifted to us. It is a sight of landscapes where release knows no bounds; the emblem of exhalation. Between the motions of Nobuhle’s body and the kiss shared by two palms, we understand that Never Never is emitted from within. These songs take us to places (their) bodies dance to with a family of songs.

Who would want this to stop?

Who would want to return?

Ushaye izule.

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Tshedza Mashamba