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Art is personal. Your space is personal. Why not bring them together?

 Art is personal. Your space is personal. Why not bring them together?

May the trends be with you

May opens the gates to what lies at the front door of a new season. And even though it rages the trees and pushes the wind towards our skin, this month reminds us of the love found in warmth. It is because of May that we remember to lay with blankets and protect our bodies from winter’s harsh expression. This May, however, we think you will need something more than cups of tea and your heater. We think that while you sit on your couch and dip your buttermilk rusk in your warm drink, you will need to stare lovingly at artworks. Is that not a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning in Winter? Does it not sound like a beautiful story to retell in the Summer when those who care about you ask about your Winter? Nonetheless, May the trends be with you.

A list by Smart Art

We are going to help you decide which art to spend your Winter days with during this 2021 season. Smart Art has put together a list of beautiful trends and styles of art that will complement your walls and couches. From pastel tainted canvases to portraits of African people and their ways, Smart Art has every trend for every home. Think of this as a visual artist who came to visit your home and understands that it is not the colour of your walls you need to change, but what is (or is not) hung on your walls. Smart Art is that visual artist and you will not regret opening your home to them.

In addition art is personal and we understand this best. Do not put art that does not have the voice to talk to you every morning in your home. Put art that speaks to you. Hang art that has the ability to touch your heart in your home. See the list below.

Neutrals and Nudes

Neutral colours are a classic choice for any space. Some creamy yellow and beige shades will go nicely with some stunning abstract line arts.

Going Green

Pretty Pastels Dark Green or Sage Green, both colours are all the rage in 2021! Why not pair your paints with some stunning earthy prints?

Pretty Pastels

Bring good vibes into your home with some retro and chic pastel hues. These prints look great on wallpaper, canvas, furniture and more!

Gold and Bold

Although gold wallpaper prints don’t have a metallic shine, the impact is still stunning. Try pairing gold with bold and beautiful abstract wall art.


This Japanese minimalism trend is a beautiful blend of Japanese and Scandinavian interior ideas. Perfect for any modern space.

African Art

Bring some stunning colours into your space with gorgeous African Prints. These beauties are perfect for canvas, wallpaper, bedding and more.

Love this art and would love to sit with an artwork this Winter? For a quote, provide Smart Art with the following details:

  • The size of the surface you want to cover (full width and height);

  • The product you would like printed?

  • Your address for installation/delivery purposes;

  • Will you provide the artwork or use images from their gallery?

  • Your contact number for any further details required.



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