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Elaine’s New Single Right Now

 Elaine’s New Single Right Now

Elaine, right now, in this moment in song and visuals

On the 29th of September 2019, South African RnB singer and songwriter released her debut EP Elements. The Platinum certified EP is a work of art that gained her great success. Elements propelled her into greatness by reaching the number one spot on the national music charts. And this number one spot gave Elaine the spot to be the first independent South African female artist to soar beyond charts and attain a contract with Columbia Records in December 2020. Almost two years since, the birth of Elements, Elaine brought to life her new single Right Now.

Produced by Elizée and Andrew Morin, the elements of Right Now are a reflection her artistry and genre. The beats and melodies allow us to understand in which musical style she has cemented herself. It truly is a song born from trap soul.


A state of mind

And Right Now is Elaine’s expression of her state of mind in this moment, right now. The message of the song is to focus on who you are in the present and strive to do what’s best for you, always. It feels like something she has written for herself. The single resembles a moment one can revisit to remind themselves of who they truly are, when the sun has gone down and the doors are closed.

Since, the subject of her songs are the experiences of Black womanhood and narratives, it teaches others to find sustenance and love within themselves before they seek it in the world and other external forces. In addition, the song is a narrative of growth and growing. While you are enjoying the moment, two feet on the ground of the present, let go the past because all that does is hinder your growth.

An accompaniment

Additionally, Right Now was not delivered as a song only. The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Nape Phasha. Right Now visuals are a lens that is focused on the right now too. It is a visual narration of Elaine as the focal point of her life in the current moment. In addition, the scenes of the video help us see who she sees in herself at the moment and inspire us to reflect and let go to allow ourselves to grow too.


Listen to Right Now here:

Watch the Right Now music video here:

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