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Exhibiting now at Art Curator At Lourensford

 Exhibiting now at Art Curator At Lourensford

David Reimers Urban Creep Oil on canvas Size 91cm x 91cm R8,500


Colours and Emotions in art exhibition

Colours are feelings. Emotions are tubes of colour. Sometimes we feel grey. Other times we feel monochromatic. If people from two hundred and fity years from now came, they would look at the archives we document daily and wonder why.

They would wonder why in the depths of the pool of colour, we only chose one to reflect who we are and what we felt. Why can we not feel yellow and red simultaneously? What if my anger is not just red? Maybe it is a little red and more orange. Why do we reduce every emotion to just one colour? If rage and anger are variants of one emotion, why does one colour encompass the two? And it is in art that emotions wear many different colours.

The exhibition at The Art Curator at Lourensford Estate proves this. The colours and tints painted on the canvases are an array of how many emotions can sit in you at the same time. In other words, the paintings offered me the opportunity to look beneath the surface and find what it is it that they want me to feel.

Each painting, in telling a different story, uses colour as its voice. Even though, the landscapes, the use of line and space are elements that contribute to what you feel, it is colour that is the focal point and therefore what draws you in. Without colour, the paintings tell different stories.

View the artworks here:
F. Badenhorst
Baobab Tree
Oil on board
Size 90cm x120cm
J. Dingemans
Flower study
Oil on board
Size 35cm x 24cm
Shirley Gilb
The Blues
Figure study
Oil on canvas pasted on board
Size 30cm x 40cm
Oil on canvas
Size 68cm x 80cm
Valued at R64,000
Offers will be considered around R30,000
Simphiwe M.
Abstract Greens and Blues
Oil on canvas
Size 85cm x 130cm
David Reimers
Urban Creep
Oil on canvas
Size 91cm x 91cm

Tshedza Mashamba