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Nkanyezi Kubekha’s Journey Music Video

 Nkanyezi Kubekha’s Journey Music Video

Nkanyezi Kubekha and team


A music video for Journey

Music is already giving us a season of newness. This season comes with a new release from Nkanyezi Kubekha, a DJ and radio personality from South African soil. His release is a music video that accompanies his latest single titled Journey. The music video premiered on Thursday 29 April 2021 on MTV Base’s Spanking New Premiere segment.

The aesthetic expression that is a part of his single is his debut self-directed body of work. In addition to sitting in the director’s chair, Kubekha sought artistic contribution from Sam and Josh, a dynamic duo of producers and directors.

From the director himself

On being the director of his own music video, Kubekha shared that he took a giant leap in doing so. He expresses this in his statement: “I took a big risk in directing the music video myself and co-producing it. The idea is about my life and what I have been through – from growing up and having nothing but a plan, to reaching my goals and pushing hard into getting to where I am right now. The song talks about it all.”

And this is not the last time we will receive a body of work from him on our screens. He assures us that: “In 2021, people can expect more music and videos from Nkanyezi, the people only know the music, and have never seen the face, I would like to make this face more visible, lol. I might also drop a full album this year, it’s something I am busy working on and I cannot wait to see it happening.”

Nkanyezi Kubekha and team
About the single Journey

The message told by the voice in Journey is found in its lyrics. In addition, the single is a body work sculpted by many; it features frequent collaborator Kiddyondebeat and talented vocalist, Sylvester. Sylvester’s lyrics are an expression of the story based on Kubekha and his musical team’s journey with music.

The song truly encompasses the story of a journey because Kiddyondebeat and Kubekha have walked the same road on their musical journey. Kubekha expresses: “Kiddyondebeat is that brother you have asked GOD for. We met over the internet a year ago, shared the sounds we are making and it’s been a beautiful journey in the music scene ever since. We understand each other and know what we want, that makes it easier working together.”

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