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SASOL is calling for visual art submissions that offer the world a new perspective and challenge the current state 

Art has the power to change how we think. Is your art that art?

2020 brought us newer ways of thinking to the new ways of thinking we have and continue to have. The rise of innovation is not limited to ensuring that we meet in new ways, connect differently and fine alternatives to normal communication. It exceeds all of that and transcends into how we think, see ourselves and navigate the spaces of this world. SASOL is inviting artists to showcase their innovation; their new ways with the annual Sasol New Signatures Art Competition 2021. We believe that art is as powerful as the waves of seas. It has the roar that can make the world stop…to think, to pause and reflect, to find newness. Therefore, SASOL is on the search for innovators who drive innovation through their art.

The team is seeking for something, someone with something, that will make the world stop to think and change. We have seen it with Marcel Duchamp. For centuries art has always been the tool that managed to change how people think. This vehicle for change should continue to drive the world into newness and be the change. However, it begins with us, with you and with what you have to say to the world about the world and its current state. Do not sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else. You were given the gift, give it a voice, a mind, something that will provide a new way.

Are you an artist who has the art, the mind and the passion to challenge normalcy and transcend the world into a new one? If you are, SASOL is looking for you. Read the article below to find out more.

*all words above were written by SA Creatives

Entries open for the annual Sasol New Signatures Art Competition 2021

With the advent of Covid-19, there is a greater need for innovators and creators who will shape the world anew and inspire change. Taking on this challenge, the 2021 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition has created a space for eligible emerging artists to imagine, transgress, transcend, disrupt, and innovate through their creativity.

As we march into a new world, visual artists are best equipped to make sense of our dynamic, interconnected, and challenging environments. By promoting art that is ingrained with the spirit of possibility and potentiality, the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition is not just another art competition – it is an enabler for emerging artists to not only expand the possibilities of art, but to also inspire innovation and change.

This annual competition is open to all South African artists who are 18+ years and have not yet held a solo exhibition. Artists who have held a solo exhibition for academic purposes, i.e. a Master’s degree exhibition, are allowed to enter. Artists are able to submit artworks in all artistic mediums including photography, performance art, video and installations.

Activate innovation and change through your creativity by entering the 2021 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition at one of several collection points across the country on Tuesday, 7 September and Wednesday, 8 September 2021 from 10h00 to 16h00.

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