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Joda Kgosi’s I Miss You

 Joda Kgosi’s I Miss You

image sourced from: @jodakgosi [instagram]


Joda Kgosi’s new single that tells the story about missing the love of her life

South African singer songwriter Joda Kgosi shares music that reflects on her personal experiences with love. Her songs are narratives of what she took from the feeling of love, the acts of loving and being loved and the people with whom she shared parts of herself with. In addition, her objective is to use these narratives that breathe in her vocals and sound to instill something within us; to touch our hearts deeply while inviting us into her own.

Lunatic, her first single released in 2020, is the first ‘chapter’ that we received from the narrative of her encounters with love. This song reveals the story of a lover who feels extremely betrayed and as a result her body is filled with anger. The subsequent single, Truth Is, on the other hand, is a narrative of a lover who has decided that anger can no longer stay within her therefore, she has finally chosen herself.

image sourced from: @jodakgosi
The little sneak peak that touched us

We first listened to a fragment of I Miss You posted by Joda Kgosi on her Instagram. The video or post was a little snippet of what we were to receive from the full single. Between her soothing vocals, the lyrics and the emotions she wore on her face, we could not decide which truly touched us the most. It made us feel connected to her and her emotions. Her objective to touch our hearts had already been attained even before the release of the single.

I Miss You

I Miss You is the first single from her upcoming EP titled Sour Milk. The title of the song carries an idea of what the narrator feels about an encounter with a past lover. In other words, from it we learn that this lover longs for the love of a lover who is no longer in their life, yet lives in their mind and heart. The song is an expression of your heart yearning for a lover who left. We cannot wait to hear the narratives that will be released with the Sour Milk EP in its entirety. The EP will be released on July 2 2021.


Listen to I Miss You here:

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