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Stimorol’s new TV commercial sends an important message of appreciating everything about you

In our homes, when TV commercials come on we pay attention because we believe that TV commercials hold immense power; the power to make us view the world and ourselves in a unique light. A message from a TV commercial has the capacity to bring you into a new world. Stimorol has brought us a new TV commercial with inspiring messages that enable us to appreciate our uniqueness and live according to our rules. We think this commercial is important for the new generation, especially in a time where we are exposed to many things that the world expects us to strive to attain.

‘Do the universe a favour, do not hide your magic’.

There is magic instilled in each and every one of us. We cannot hide it not be scared of it. We have to let it become part of who we are and emit it so the world can see how much light lives within us. Stimorol’s new TV commercial is an encouragement of letting your magic come through. It is a kind love letter to the new generation that reminds them of the beauty that exists in their uniqueness. In doing so, the commercial expresses that the world should not dictate who we are, who become and who we choose to be. We heard the following message:

This is our dance.

The world is our stage.

We deserve the liberty to move to our own beat.

Show the world your rhythm.

Do not be shy.

Your magic should not be hidden.

Read the article below and let us know what message Stimorol sent to you through their new TV commercial that celebrates individuality and encourages living according to your flavour and your flow.

*all words written above are the words of SA Creatives

Your Flavour, Your Flow

South Africa’s no.1 chewing gum, Stimorol has launched a bold new TV commercial for the next generation. The “Your Flavour. Your Flow.” brand proposition was inspired by South African Gen Z’s fluidity as well as the flexible nature of gum. It invites them to chew to their own rhythm.


Stimorol Equity Manager Kgomotso Seabe says “Stimorol’s exciting new brand proposition aims to truly connect with the new generation by acknowledging and celebrating their natural ability to move through the world as themselves – no pretence and with no explanation needed”


Stimorol’s new TV commercial explores this narrative individuality through the advert’s star, Nkuley Masemola. Nkuley takes viewers through a journey as they showcase what it means to be young in contemporary South Africa. The advert follows Nkuley as they embrace their uniqueness, likened to the varying flavours of Stimorol gum.


Nkuley says “Being a part of the Stimorol TV commercial experience felt surreal. Not only did I feel like I was on ‘The Truman Show’, but it was quite affirming to play a main character based on myself for a brand as big as Stimorol, portraying an openly queer individual on primetime TV. I’m a shapeshifter and this TV commercial was the perfect concept to showcase that”.


The Stimorol team already had the perfect director in mind, Allison Swank, whose work felt fresh, bold and experimental – a trusted pair of hands for Stimorol’s  vision. Allison had recently completed an award-winning short documentary on South African 3D artist Scumboy and was immediately drawn to Stimorol’s project.


Allison says “It was clear that the agency and client have an authentic understanding of Gen Z and are ready to pave the way for this type of forward-thinking representation. This TV commercial is special because it takes an authentic look at Gen Z lifestyles and the fluidity with which Gen Zers move. It’s also important because hate crimes against LGBQTIA+ people in South Africa are on the rise again and this TV commercial features a gender non-binary person. It’s an important statement of acceptance and welcomed representation.”

Stimorol believes that this generation is a brave generation and with this advert, they are saying “we see your bravery and celebrate it”.


Stimorol’s TV commercial is currently being broadcast on SABC, DSTV, ETV and Viacom


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