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MultiChoice Joins The ‘We, The People’ Movement

 MultiChoice Joins The ‘We, The People’ Movement

After a a long running past riddled with tension, political unrest and blood shed. The South African nation took a revolutionary step in putting an end to the oppressive apartheid regime and welcomed a new, united democracy that put the interests of all races, ethnicities and identities at the forefront. South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, made history by signed the constitution that protected the rights all of South African dwellers. 25 years later, MultiChoice is partnering with the Constitutional Hill Trust to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the signing of South Africa’s Constitution in support of the ‘We, The People’ movement.

The ‘We, The People’ movement brings awareness to the history, the present and future of our constitutionalism and encourages all South Africans to read, engage, challenge and live the Constitution; to celebrate South Africa’s achievements; and to confront the challenges that inhibit our country from reaching its full potential.

This December 10th, exactly 25 years since the signing of the constitution, Channel O’s popular programme – Freestyle Fridays – will broadcast an exclusive episode entitled ‘We, The People’ which is set to premiere against the backdrop of Flame Studios and Constitution Hill. Hosted by SA Hip Hop Awards’ 2020 lyricist of the year, Stogie T,  Freestyle Fridays features rap battles between rappers and hip hop creatives from across the country.

Stogie T on set of  Freestyle Fridays

The premise of the exclusive episode will delve into conversations on the current social affairs that plague the everyday South African context. In conjunction with conversations about how far we have come and what we can do to actualise this country’s incredible potential.

Group Executive of Corporate Affairs at MultiChoice, Collen Dlamini, had this to say on the partnership: “We use our platform to raise awareness about topics of public interest and mobilise resources to address social challenges. We partnered with the Constitution Hill Trust for social good and used one of our key local shows to amplify the newly re-imagined space at Constitution Hill as a living site of memory in South Africa.”

South Africa’s first Constitutional Court judge – as appointed by Nelson Mandela – Justice Albie Sachs, and Constitutional Lawyer and author, Lwando Xaso will be interviewed on the exclusive episode, with guest appearances from up and coming local rappers and celebrity guests who will also share their perspective on what the Constitution means to them. On the episode the 25th Anniversary of South Africa’s Constitution.

Dlamini expresses the honour on behalf of MutliChoice’s involvement in such a partnership, she says, “We are honoured to be the partner of choice to broadcast this special episode of Freestyle Fridays to South Africans. Our Constitution remains one of the most progressive and all-inclusive in the world and is a reminder of what we as a country sacrificed, what we believe in, and what we have achieved,” says Dlamini.

The special episode of Freestyle Fridays will air on Channel O on December 10 at 4pm.

Lolwetu Pakati