Who Digs us
• Ages 18-35: Although we’ve also had interactions from ages 16 to 75 olds .
• LSM 7-10
• Creative devotees, info nuts and creative thought leaders
• Individuals who are involved in any creative industry
• Culturally-savvy students; up-and-coming talent; creative minds
• Industry heavyweights


Available advertising Real estate



Other advertising opportunities

Find-a- Creative
We have a unique product called Find-a-creative whereby  creative businesses, freelancers, bloggers and service providers can advertise for free. This platform creates a unique opportunity for potential clients looking for talented  creatives in one place. It also gives those without ad spend a chance to promote themselves.

An opportunity to sponsor the  full ‘Find-a-Creative’ platform is available.

SA Creative Jobs

SA Creative Jobs provides job listing specifically for South African creatives. This platform is great for targeted advertising with high traffic.


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