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Nandos and Santam’s Creative Maneuvering avoids a run in with

Press Release “As anybody who frequently visits YouTube will tell you, Nando’s is famous for making controversial advertisements. Their latest installment is a spoof of Santam’s advertisement which features Sir Ben Kingsley again, this time in a bar illustrating how easy it is to overlook terms in an insurance contract. In the Nando’s version, a […]Read More

A 3D Interactive Group Exhibition curated by Vivien Kohler

Available to view online until the 24th of May at Log on to the website, take a tour (best viewed in full screen mode) then wander around the gallery at your leisure from the comfort of your armchair. Featured artists: Vanessa Berlein, James de Villiers, Janet Botes, Linda Altern, Gaby Desmarais, Ashley Marie Miles, Janet […]Read More

Stefan Sagmeister: Don’t Take Creativity For Granted

Outlining the creative process for his typography-driven films short films, designer Stefan Sagmeister tells us to embrace the surprises that come with executing a creative endeavor. He shares experiences which include being misconstrued as a suicide “jumper” while shooting at the Empire State Building, creating custom software for an interactive spider web art installation, and imagining […]Read More

Film Afrika Worldwide to launch a Los Angeles office

CEO David Wicht says, “After years of working with all the major studios and independents, I’m looking forward to being closer at hand and being immediately accessible to producers seeking to shoot or collaborate with South Africa. The presence of an LA office means I can engage directly with production partners and facilitate the workflow from […]Read More

Paying homage to the next generation of advertising greats

Tenacious, brave, hardworking, ‘out of the box’ , spurred on by an inner creative spirit. These are just some of the qualities of the entrants in the Loeries Young Creatives Awards Category should have. “What’s more they represent characteristics which resonate with the Adams & Adams brand,” says Mariette du Plessis, senior partner at law […]Read More

Zulus Can Draw launches new illustrators in Netherlands

Zulus Can draw is a new illustration agency featuring fresh talent. The agency is based in The Netherlands, but only represents talent from the rest of the world, starting with professional illustrators all based in South Africa. It answers the growing demand from creative agencies and publishers for unique work of the highest quality, but […]Read More

Groundbreaking Graphic Novel- chapter one launched

‘MA is ancient African creation myth that has for the first time in thousands of years, has been resurrected from obscurity,and brought back to to life in vivid comic art. This is truly an Africa, the likes of which have never seen. What the book of Genesis is to Christians, this story was to the […]Read More

World renowned black and white film photographer, Roger Ballen

By Nadia Jansen van Vuuren On 22 March 2012 the world renowned black and white film photographer, Roger Ballen’s, film photography exhibition, Play Pen, was opened at the NWU Potchefstroom Campus Gallery. “Black and White is a very minimalist art form and unlike color photographs does not pretend to mimic the world in a manner […]Read More

What is Wildetecture ? Quinton J Damstra explains

Who is Quinton J Damstra and what do you do? The creative design arena carries certain responsibilities and for me these duties include being principally an architectural design practice – QJD design studio.  However I don’t limit my energy to one creative design discipline and tend to dabble across the board – a preferred creative multi disciplinary. My other pursuits are a […]Read More