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Tshedza Mashamba

Ranji Mangcu

 Ranji Mangcu Black Xhosa photographer and visual artist Ranji Mangcu is a South African Xhosa woman based in Johanesburg whose work focuses on dismantling the structures and spaces that historically erased and violently represented Black womanhood and expression. She uses photography to explore the politics of Black womanhood (and dark skin) representation within art history […]Read More

Ranji with a Pearl Earring

An exploration of visual artist and photographer Ranji Mangcu, a Black Xhosa woman, and her black iconography that tears down the walls of the spaces it was historically prohibited from occupying. For a second, let us remove racism and its legacies from the interruption of the history of African people and place Ranji Mangcu in […]Read More

A blue denim jacket and an Afro

Some part of our style is inherited There’s a photograph of my mother wearing a blue denim jacket with her hair combed out in an Afro that reminds me of the power that photographs have in our personal style. The daily repetition of standing in front of where you hang your clothes and deciding what […]Read More

Nompumelelo Nhlapo on creating from what lives within

The birth of Gadat House is the life of Nompumelelo Creation is a journey back home and when we arrive home, after taking the time to sit down with ourselves, we understand that everything we need is alive within us. Gadat House is fashion designer, writer and visual artist Nompumelelo Nhlapo’s journey back home. It […]Read More

Face-to-face with Blackness

  The expressions of Blackness in The Shape of Blackness Virtual Exhibition (February – March 2021) In the tiniest corner of the globe where the sun finds home for a day and in a grandmother’s kitchen Blackness lives. We come face-to-face with it daily; it is in everything, in us. In the dictionary, blackness is […]Read More

Sitting down with Muofhe Manavhela on a Wednesday Evening

‘When they step away from my paintings, the message follows them into their daily lives’. – Muofhe Manavhela If you were to accompany Muofhe Manavhela when she goes shopping for art supplies, within a minute of entering the store, she would run to the colours with you. Colour calls Manavhela by name and she heeds […]Read More