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Tshedza Mashamba

Banele Mhlanga on the results of his lens

A Sowetan Photographer We are people who are moved by imagery. We see photographs and write down the stories told by the visuals. This is us writing down a story on the photographs Banele Mhlanga (@nizi.jpg) takes. However, this story that we are sharing with you is one narrated by Banele himself. We are just […]Read More

Lindsey Monyepao on the songs she writes

Girl from Limpopo who sees the stars of Pretoria’s sky every night We spoke to singer songwriter Lindsey Monyepao on what her mind breathes fire into on paper through lyrics and is therefore ignited in her voice when she sings. One afternoon at 15:00 At 15:00 on an afternoon in Johannesburg, we sat at our […]Read More

Folasade – Honour Wears a Crown

Folasade I am a firm believer that in our African communities (and culture), the people who name us see something we are deserving of written in the letters that make up our names. We are not just named for the sake of being named nor are we named only to be distinguished from other individuals. […]Read More

Shot in Soweto by @ituthegod

A look into the lives of children in Soweto Children are the epitome of being carefree. Worry does not know them and joy resides within them. Sowetan Creative Director and photographer @ituthegod took photographs of children whose soles kiss the ground of Soweto daily. We are so touched by them that we do not have […]Read More

Our March in our words

These last 31 days for SA Creatives March 2021 was a sunrise for SA Creatives. It was a morning that brought the chirping of the voices of creatives who were comfortable unlocking the doors to their minds and letting us in. We sat down with Muofhe Manavhela, Jason Langa, Ranji Mangcu and Clinton Mashabela to […]Read More


3 weeks of what the lens captures Yay! Another 3 weeks of photography. It must be a ‘crown birthday’ for photography during March and April 2021  because it is 21 days of photography in 2021. The talent in our photography that is being celebrated in the #21DayPhotoChallengeSA. The name speaks for itself. The challenge is an […]Read More

The story of Nonhlanhla and Crochet Couture ZA

An exchange of letters: a conversation between Nonhlanhla and Crochet Couture ZA We spoke to Nonhlanhla Blessing Ndlovu about Crochet Couture ZA, her sustainable creative expression. However, we felt writing this feature in an essay format would not allow you to feel connected to the creator of Crochet Couture. Therefore, we thought it was best, […]Read More

Today’s Archive: A look into Dumile Feni’s Artworks

The works of the Goya of the township Francisco Goya was one of the most influential and important Spanish painters whose art has left legacies for generations to come. Dumile Feni was the Goya of the Township. His work was not important, it is because his legacy lives on through the documentation of his expression. […]Read More

Dweba – S’miso Skosana’s Art

From a drawing to embroidery What begins as pencil on paper in a sketchbook ends as wool in a choir with needle framed and hung on walls in bedrooms and comfort spaces. We are multifaceted S’miso Skosana’s hands bring to life faces  in between the worlds of abstract, portraiture and figurative art. The subjects of […]Read More