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Tshedza Mashamba

The Write Project 12 Step Series Crash Course

Do you have a story locked up inside you? How do you begin writing a story to turn it into a film? We assume the natural first answer for most of us would be, you just start writing down whatever comes to your mind first. Maybe for others, you begin with a blank page and […]Read More

Homage to Africa art exhibition by Sfiso Ka Mkame

Homage to Africa is a sunset; the sun with duality  i If you look closely at the sunset, you will find rage and anger, an outpouring of stillness. Sfiso Ka Mkame’s Homage To Africa art exhibition is a sunset. Born in 1963, in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mkame’s work has always reflected the times he has […]Read More

Our Beauty Through Irma Stern’s Eyes

We just wish the works were narrations of self-reflection i The roads we travel never end because we see the paths people have been on in their expression. This is true for Irma Stern whose work explores her encounters during her days of travel. A 58 x 58 cm oil on canvas painting allows us […]Read More

Brenda Fassie and her iconic aesthetic expression

From the archives of our fashion handbook: Brenda Fassie We are flipping through the pages of our archival fashion handbook and pulling out the pages that documented Brenda Fassie’s iconic style. The Queen of African Pop reigned two kingdoms. Her throne extended to the 1980s fashion kingdom. She reigned in music and her crown carried […]Read More

What South African Creatives Brought To The Red Carpet At

South Africa’s stars Moshe Ndiki, Unathi Nkayi, Lerato Kganyago, Candice Modiselle, Janez Vermeiren and Jeannie D attend the virtual premiere of Coyote Johannesburg – 12 May 2021 And they brought style with them! During the evening of 11 May 2021, last night, at the exclusive premiere of the upcoming TV series Coyote, the virtual red carpet […]Read More

Exhibiting now at Art Curator At Lourensford

Colours and Emotions in art exhibition Colours are feelings. Emotions are tubes of colour. Sometimes we feel grey. Other times we feel monochromatic. If people from two hundred and fity years from now came, they would look at the archives we document daily and wonder why. They would wonder why in the depths of the […]Read More

Justin van Leeuwen on his music

A conversation with Justin van Leeuwen Johannesburg North-based musician Justin van Leeuwen dabbles into a mix of genres to produce his sound. His sound is found in RnB, Funk, Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop with Keizor beats. We spoke to him about his process of writing and his musical gift. Read our conversation below. Let’s talk about […]Read More

Makhulu, an album for Muneyi’s Grandmother

Muneyi and his debut album Makhulu African Philosophy tells us that our wisdom is found in proverbs, the oral teachings of the old wise ones. In teaching us this important lesson, our philosophy is a bank of knowledge. It is the epistemology that our ancestors possess. Therefore, it is imperative that we search within this […]Read More


The 2021 Creative Business Cup South Africa National Competition HYBR SA has partnered with the Creative Business Network to bring creative startups from South Africa onto the international stage, through hosting the 2021 Creative Business Cup South Africa national competition. The Creative Business Cup is an annual global competition, enrolling participants from more than 80 […]Read More