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Tshedza Mashamba

Thebe Magugu’s Sunday Best Boot

An amalgamation of the loafers that touch the ground of Jozi’s CBD and the 15th century Crackow shoes When art meets art, the birth of something breathtaking takes place. South African fashion designer Thebe Magagu does not just design and create garments. Everything that comes from his artistic expression is deliberate. He considers so much […]Read More

Front Row Media Podcast

Get in the front row, we’re going to get insights on fashion! Podcasts have become such an important tool of knowledge and conversation. A podcast is an internet digital audio platform where its creators host discussions on any topic of their choice. Podcasts can be educational or entertaining and are slowly taking over the world […]Read More

Mother Nature and her canvases

The Nature of Women Virtual Art Exhibition Mother Nature has a special relationship with women. Since the beginning of time, she has entrusted women to support her in her growth. Women are the helpers of the Earth; they give whole parts of themselves and tiny pieces of their hearts to help her survive. We see […]Read More

3 Visual Recollections

3 Visual Artworks we saw and fell in love with what they narrate Almost every part of history tells us that the stories of who we are have always been passed down to us orally. The past tells us that this was done through folklore, proverbs, songs and the recital of our clan names as […]Read More

In the beginning there was Jason, and Jason was with

Jason Langa’s voice in the eyes of sitters Johannesburg South-based visual artist Jason Langa’s work speaks on his behalf. It non-verbally gives a detailed account of why his voice is perched on the pupils of his sitters’ eyes. It reveals who his heart creates for. We had the privilege of seeing his creativity and art […]Read More

Permed tings, braids and the minis afros in Tyla’s music

There’s peng Black girls who resemble us in Tyla’s Getting Late music video and we are loving that! Magazines, billboards, music videos and film are tools of mainstream media that fail to provide many Black girls the opportunity to see a reflection of their natural hair and the browns that are pigmented onto their skin. […]Read More

On Sunday we listened to vocals in a dance with

An ensemble of Jazz On Sunday we listened to SPAZA’s Sizwile, 8 and half minutes of a jazz ensemble that was recorded over three days in July 2016 inside a flat in Yeoville, Johannesburg. What came from those three days is a waltz of sound. Nonku Phiri’s vocals are in a dance with Maclom Jiyane’s […]Read More

Revolutionary Black womanhood in Jazz

‘How do you fit in 50 years of a stellar career into a conversation? You can’t. We don’t talk about it enough. It’s on us to always remind each other.’ – Zikhona Valela With Indaba Is, an 8 track album released in 2021, a musical gift from the current generation’s revolutionary voices in South African […]Read More