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We are a Graphic Design and Retouching solution provider and work with E-tailers and Photographic studios providing them with all their photographic post production work like clipping path, retouching and masking for their web images. We have a team of 20 retouchers who would be dedicated only to your work and that assure consistent quality and turnaround time always. We customize the images as per your needs and instructions and upload them in 30- 40 hours turnaround time depending on the images . Currently we do server a number of webshops clients and studios in UK and Europe.
In a day we could process up to 250-300 images depening on the complexity.
This also gives you a time advantage and also a cost advantage for a quick turnaround to your clients You can upload the images in the evening after the shoot and get the images ready in the morning the next day when they arrive in office.