Khutso Lebelo

Khutso Lebelo
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I’m a proficient software developer and full stack web developer. I’m a versatile and self-motivated individual who enjoys solving problems creatively with excellent critical thinking and analytical skills, consistently demonstrating excellent communication skills. I collaborate very well with other IT professionals with a string sense of responsibility, and with my strong sense of discipline I work exceptionally well alone. I’m knowledgeable in translating raw requirements to software designs and specifications and into software solutions and incorporating software solutions into higher level systems. I’m able to test, debug, code refactoring, improve software and web solutions for exceptional user experience and meet business requirements while not compromising on quality. I have the drive and passion needed, with a strong determination to succeed and make a great impact to a project.

I enjoy new challenges and I’m constantly curious about web design and user experience which leads me to focus on uniqueness and individuality to make you stand out from the bunch with an end product that speaks volume, while making sure it is robust, quality focused, usable and can be used across different platforms. I have a wide range of skills in the IT industry and with my various talents and abilities I’m able to function as a full package developer, covering both front-end and back-end technologies, following the Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles when I’m solving problems, bridging communication gap between designers and developers.

I plan, I design, I code, I’m an artist of web design and software development, strategic and proactive. I possess the enthusiasm and the commitment to learn and explore new skills through continual professional development and to adapt and evolve and productively contribute to the IT world.