Spunj Arinodozu

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Name: Spunj Arinodozu
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Spunj Arinodozu found his footing in the digital creative world as a means to express emotion and thought in his surroundings where, til this day a creative career is taboo ans shunned upon… and he liked the fact that he is pretty godly at it too. Spunj started dipping his fingers in almost all aspects of digital creative field, finding his homes in the more artistic side of life in all levels (prefering digital art, artistic design and motion graphics) but he didn’t end there, he decided to combine world standards with his vast knowledge creating trends that are only adopted 3 – 6 years later (The trending deigns in SA… Spunj has refined them twice and normally 4 years before it’s discovery), he’s a self proclaimed design god / multimedia designer / creative uncle (quite a number would like to agree) has been part of setting the foundation to a lot of designer’s trends whether by them claiming years later or mentoring the now favoured designers.