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Rox Bradnick

Whether you’re looking for an experienced freelance copywriter to help with your website content, newsletter, press release, brochure copy, or blog, I am here to help you find your voice.

I work with small businesses, solopreneurs, and boutique digital studios, providing content services that get your message across, simply and effectively. My packages range from monthly blog content packages all the way to brand narrative packages and once-off copywriting solutions.

Gidon Orelowitz

I’m a copywriter based in Johannesburg. I specialise in brand strategy, opinion writing and well-researched articles. I can work remotely or on-site.

Chantelle (owner at Jackal Media)

Jackal Media is a creative agency that will provide your business with creative, inspired content aimed directly at your target audience. Our way with words translates into content that is relevant, exciting and engaging. We can take your content from concept to customer without losing your voice

Jackal Media
Mia Simpson

I have extensive and diverse experience as a writer, including several years as a corporate writer for a national company, and also as a freelance writer for a large international company, responsible for many of its internal communications.
As a highly experienced writer in diverse fields, I am accurate, creative and flexible to ensure that I meet my briefs. I am an accomplished writer with excellent language skills and have proven my ability over and over again. I have a passion for the fields of health, nutrition, mental well-being and nature conservation.

Stephen Pollock

As Ukrainians put it, a peckish wolf runs faster than a plump weimaraner. It’s the same with copywriters. The ones in the wild work hard for their supper.
My name is Stephen Pollock. I’m The Hungry Copywriter. After over a decade working for ad agencies around the world, I now freelance for agencies as well as write directly for clients.Find out more at
You may also view my portfolio of agency work at

DF Bothma

I Grab Eyeballs, Touch Hearts, Alter Minds, & Inspire Action!*

If you have recently lost your favourite Freelance Copywriter slash Creative Content Ninja to rehab, an alien abduction, or perhaps even an alien abduction cult in rehab, please allow me to introduce myself. I am a Freelance Creative Director slash WordPress Website Weirdo and I do Punchy Copy and Elegant Websites in every flavour of the consumer rainbow.

Contact me first. Thank you.

Daniel F. Bothma
M: +27719197801
S: df.bothma

*I reach wallets too, but that’s just a happy side effect.

Freelance Copywriter for Hire

Are you looking for a freelance copywriter who understands your needs and that of your customers’?

Copywriter Lu’s the name.

Either for your site or blog, I’ll do your copy justice.

How does that sound?

If that sounds like music to your ears, be in touch.

And we’ll do amazing things for your site.

Thanks, and regards.

Content Queen Tori

I create engaging content that tells your story, promotes your brand, builds customer loyalty and enables you to survive, thrive & FLY. This is what I know, this is what I do and this is what I LOVE…


I am a freelance copywriter / CD with more than 12 years’ in the advertising industry. I’ve worked with some of CT’s top agencies, largely in BTL.

I have been freelancing for more than 3 years, and pride myself on accuracy, quick turnaround and a distinct lack of BS.

Get in touch if you need concepts and/or copy for websites, brochures, emailers,DM, promo campaigns and competitions, break-up letters and more.

David Gimpel

Freelance Copywriter. After 28 years of professional writing, I’m still passionate about finding a fresher, punchier, more engaging way to communicate, stimulate, and motivate. I’ve worked in every medium, every category and every set-up – from Mom & Pop to Big Brother. Can tick all the boxes except SEO (I’m no specialist, but I understand the essence, can make it sticky, and get pretty good stats). Global TV campaign? Slayer headline? Impelling long copy? Indelible slogan? Funky obituary? …bring it on. No chancers please. Pro bono for relevant, sincere and legitimate clients considered. (Exotic dancers too.)