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Robyn Van der Venter

As a freelance CAD artist I provide a hands on design approach by getting to know who your customer is and designing for them in mind. The scope of work I am able to create are character garments and garments for all genders and age groups.

Mmabatho Motapane

Scaline is a clothing brand in Bloemfontein. Offers uniqueness at it’s best with wide range of designs. We gather a lot of inspiration from the buildings, geometric shapes and nature itself. Designs clothes with comfort, simplicity yet elegant, stylised and clothes that adds to individuals’ contentment. Colours of black and white are always included in our designs, collection or an outfit created. Find us at social media: Instagram and Twitter @Scaline_designs, Facebook Scaline Pty Ltd.

Aleem Allie

Cape Town based Professional Editorial, Fashion, & Fine Art Photographer and Retoucher.

Check out and follow my Instagram portfolio: @r2fphotography

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Black Thought Taicoon

Black Thought Taicoon is a clothing brand established by a young talented designer. with focus on sewing and designing. Aims in showing another side in the fashion industry


Based in the steel city we operate as a successful design and consultation agency offering a range of professional services to the fashion industry. we work a great deal with clients based London and around the uk, however we are proud to say we work worldwide! we have clients right from the USA, through to Sweden.

We are a small and young team of entrepreneurs who are growing fast!  we pride ourselves on offering services not only to businesses but also to local individuals.  we aim to bring quality professional fashion design services form the north of the country with our northern character and northern prices!

Ridwan Suder

Fazar is a brand born from the ideologies of creating empowerment to both men and women by adorning an individual in high fashion, bold and unique design. It is a brand that is an extension of our own personalities, meant to inspire positivity, progressiveness and uncompromising style. Fazar offers a personalized intimate customer experience which is provided to the consumer by guiding them through a step by step process. Fazar’s intention is to provide the client with a personalized boutique experience when purchasing either an investment piece to their current wardrobe or an overall fashion upgrade designed conveniently to the client’s budget. This in-turn allows for the client to have an interactive, engaging experience in which they share their own thoughts and ideas, leading up to the final outcome. The Fazar brand offers custom designed men and women’s bespoke suiting, African Shwe Shwe designs, high fashion couture, wedding gowns, prom dresses, middle eastern wear and most recently, a toddler range.

Jessica Rayne

Fashion Design:

Promote ethical and sustainable fashion production through reconstruction and remodelling of vintage, retro and modern garments to create one of a kind, sustainable and ethical pieces.


Freelance fashion stylist.

– Editorial
– Print
– Television
– Advertising & Fashion Campaigns
– Music Videos
– Model Portfolios

Image Consultancy:

– Make-overs
– Revamps
– Style Consultations
– Wardrobe Sorting
– Personal Styling

Fashlous House of Style

We specialize in Image Consultancy, Fashioon Styling & Editorial, Make-up Artistry, Fashion Design, Celebritity Styling, Corporate & TV Styling. Our aim is bring out the inner you outwardly in what ever you are doing!

Owethu Mentoor

POSE is a lifestyle blog that aims to capture the imagination of readers that appreciate the finer things in life, we pride ourselves by keeping our readers up to date with the latest fashion trends, new labels/ store launches, restaurant openings, the latest products or gadgets and seminars. We would like to think of ourselves as the pioneers of all things that trend specifically in the Cape Town area.
We also dabble with fashion styling, public relations and freelance writer to magazines. POSE stands as a beacon of hope for those that are passionate about pursuing careers in fields that society sees as fickle, we are firm believers that with determination, passion and imagination and not being afraid to fail almost any dream can be realized.

The Fashion Lab

Our workshops aim to teach skills and to provide a space where you have the opportunity to implement what you learn in an interesting and stimulating environment.

Workshops at The Fashion Lab are developed for anybody wanting to learn new skills, develop additional techniques or just experiment and explore to further their existing ability. Mentors are all experts in their specific fields, and have lots of practical and professional experience that they love to share.