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Galician Stained Glass studio

We are involved in making best stained glass designs and stained glass in general. We create different modern designs and can also repair and install stained glass. We also offer faux stained glass products but we can make a unique masterpiece for you!

Jacques du Toit Art

My name is Jacques du Toit and I have been drawing since I was born, in 1989. I began practicing art full-time in 2011 when I graduated from Wits University, with a BA Fine Arts degree cum laude.
I have an immense passion for drawing, so much so that I even draw in bed – this only fuels my obsessive production of art. Every image tells a story, and I hope to offer you art you want to own.
All artworks for sale are conceptualised and created by myself. I create works in a variety of media, and I also do commissions.

Liesel Wessels

South African Portrait Artist based in Bloemfontein. Specialize in oil paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings of portraits and figures.

Love work with fine details, texture, and color. My work can be described as realistic with abstract or expressive details.

Studied B.A Fine Arts at Kovsies. Also went for Private Art Lessons under Ernst de Jongh in Pretoria. I work mainly as a full-time graphic designer and create artworks or commissions in my spare time.

Chris Sharpe

Professional Figurative Sculptor working in all size formats and commissions

Diana Lea Paterson

I am a Fine Arts graduate, currently working as a tattoo studio manager in Durban KZN. I work in most 2D media, specialising in watercolour, pen & ink, colour pencil and acrylic paint. My subjects include pet and human portraits, but my favourite subjects to draw are hands and feet. I specialise in realism.

Heinrich Filter

Sculpture in Silver and Bronze

Jimmy Law

I’m a self taught, expressive painter from Cape Town, South Africa. I specialize in large format portraits and nudes and work with oils on canvas.

Ruben Cukier

Surrealist works by artist Ruben Cukier

Nico Phooko

Nico Phooko.The Music Painter,s live painting on stage with a variety of musicians throughout the country has transcended into him painting live on stage documenting the proceedings of a variety of events and performances as it happens onto canvass.

At the dawn of the millennium, He broke free from the established formulas of painting for Gallery exhibitions and took to the stage with his easel, brushes and paints, painting enthusiastically on stages with Blk Sonshine. A music duo he believes to be closely associated with his move towards expressing musical impressions. He painted the music as it played around him enticing the visual, auditory and acoustic appetites of the audience. This trend has since grown into one of the most-sort- after feature of prestigious events, covering such events as ‘A tribute to Samora Machel’ a painting that ripened within hours and was presented to the former first elected Democratic South African President Mr. Nelson Mandela, His wife Graca and the Samora Machel’s family. He also embraced and artistically graced the proceedings of ‘The Presidential Congratulatory Dinner for Women’ and the finished work was presented to South Africa’s President Mr Thabo Mbeki as a surprise souvenir by the African National Congress Women League. “I have always held the idea of taking art to the people in high esteem. Seeing a piece of work unfolds in front of your eyes is as fulfilling as food to hunger, water to thirst and is as mysterious and startling to me as it is to the observer.
He has since being commissioned for art related projects including cover art works for jazz, world and acoustic compact disc covers, illustrations, book covers, afro centric greeting cards and note-lets, hand painted and printed t- shirts, colourful book marks and a string of object d’art.

Eric G. C. Weets

Eric G. C. Weets is born on 3rd August 1951. He is a self taught, multidisciplinary, contemporary artist.

A brush to Weets is like a pen to a writer. As soon as he picks up the brush he is teleported to this other, his world, getting totally immersed in it. Weets’ dedication and patience is commendable and endearing. He is gracefully enduring the obstacles he is facing in each moment of his living day and almost dying nights.

Presently, Weets has retired from public life completely and is almost living in solitude. In the meantime it is I, who mediate on his behalf, with the outside world.

These paintings are about the purity of unbounded thoughts, most probably more subconscious than conscious, than a painting painted in a classical way. I feel these works have to be seen, enjoyed and thought about, if only to gain a different perspective on ordinary, daily living. And is not that, the purpose of art?