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Website Design, Graphic Design, Surface Design, Logo + Brand Identity


Mobeevolve helps you make the right digital foot print that will help separate you from the ordinary and make your business stand out. How you ask? Mobeevolve is led by a passionate, professional and progressive team that lives and breathes design.

Mario Nobrega (Lincoln Inc)

I am a visual artist, that works under the alias of Lincoln Inc. I works predominantly in the mediums of illustration and photography, but also experiments with web design. I am a 3rd year visual communications student at Vega.

Elise Ruddle

I am a Johannesburg based freelance food stylist whose excitement and passion for food led me to becoming a Chef and then, after working alongside some of the top names in food styling in South Africa, an independent food stylist.

With an endlessly fruitful imagination, an eye for the finest detail and an on-set can-do attitude as well as determination to fulfill every client’s brief, I create a positive and productive working environment.

From conceptualisation all the way through to final product my focus remains on what my client’s needs are, what they envision and on the story they would like their food to tell.

Liezel Bohdanowicz

I am a Cape Town based cartographer. I make customized maps for websites as well as for travel and nature books. – Oremantis Map I Design Studio

Designs Squared

We offer affordable freelance graphic design and web design services in South Africa, Cape Town.We offer great packages for business startups and entrepeneurs. Logo design, business cards, corporate identity, branding, invitation design, signage, flyers, wordpress websites, social media setup and management and more.

Brad Harris

I am a Cape Town based writer and editor.

I make the unimaginable believable. The power of language to inform identity is an idea that I love. I revel in the fact that my job is about creating and telling a story, not simply matching good words together.

I love to write, you see. But what I really look for is to make a difference through my work.

As a creative, I have a passion for bringing things to life. Even if I’m editing an academic paper, it brings back that nostalgic feeling you have as a kid. When you believed with everything you were that the box lying across the room was actually a creature you needed to slay. Or when you looked at the big tree in your garden and saw only a castle-wall that needed climbing. It’s about making the unimaginable believable. The notion hardly even makes sense, yet it’s why I write.?

Loopslice Studios

Lerie Yell is a freelance designer and the owner of Loopslice Studios, a small 3D & graphic design studio based in Cape Town.
My passions are all things design: aesthetics, beauty, simplicity, clarity. I find my inspiration in the genius of nature, in science and the great minds of scientist, art, architecture. I’m fascinated by how things are made. Love shadows, shapes and forms –as well as quiet and solitude in order to tap into the collective. I’m also interested in people and love to hear their stories and help guide them to the perfect way to visually represent themselves in the world.

My Services:
logo design and corporate identities, branding solutions, advertising retouching work, label and packaging design, 3D product and packaging design, 3D logos and lettering, book layouts – or whatever is needed.

Andrew Cramer

I am a lifelong creative with over 10 years professional experience in illustration, graphic design, cartooning and comic book production. Passionate about creativity and strive to produce the best work possible on every project. Pop me a mail. 🙂

Location: Cape Town

Sisanda Msimango

I am an intrepid filmmaker that fell head over hills for the artistry of video editing. The idea of putting the story together to something inspiring, from the script, storyboard to the lens and finally on screen captivates me.I have edited short films, fashion films, music videos, behind-the-scenes, show promos and documentaries. Continuously learning and expanding the knowledge I have is something that is very important to me. Photography is another tool for bettering my skill, seeing through the lens assists in cutting the story, the best way possible. Leading me to do location based photo-shoots as well as studio based. Simply put, I am passionate about what I do.