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Purple Rose Designs

Digital designs…. as unique as you are.
Digital designs of Save the Dates, Invitations, Posters, Flyers, Company- logos, -letterheads, business cards, brochures, etc

Penny Lotz

The Product Manager – Freelance social media, product development and Marketing.

My aim is to assist you to create a basic branded online presence using social media, develop your brand or product and assist with sales and marketing.

Contact me for an AFFORDABLE proposal geared to your specific business.

Each project has character, a deep history and identity, my aim is to convey it to the public. This is achieved by employing both design principles and a knack for illustration to create identity-driven projects.

I conceive and communicate every project’s value and intention through research, creative instinct, and ingenuity. Through a great appreciation for the diversity of life, I have taken up a wide range of interests and gained various insights, encouraging me to look for the unique character in all things.

Let me help you communicate individuality in each project!
Boxcart Design Solutions

I have 16 years’ experience in a variety of design roles as both a freelancer and Senior Designer. My formal qualifications include a three year Diploma in Visual Communications and Marketing from AAA School of Advertising and a UX design diploma through UCT.

Having elevated the performance and profitability of diverse organizations through expert alignment of innovative interactive graphic design & marketing strategies, I hold experience in creative development / leadership of promotional campaigns. As a senior digital/graphic designer, I offer a proven ability to conduct creative analysis and design best fit solutions for multi-faceted campaigns including interactive media, design, layout, web and UX. I have assisted clients from all backgrounds and industries to design and implement thoughtful and impactful branding tools to help grow their business. I am adept at listening to my clients needs, then analyzing and implementing the best design solution.

Ronel Eksteen

Firstly I love animals but people have wallets! So after many years of construction/facilities management/ operations Ive decided to give corporate the boot. Now Im paddling my own canoe utilising my pulling-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat skills to ease the panic of people finding themselves in the LAST MINUTE! So who will need me? Verryy busy people, (private and corporate) project managers, Exco, interior designers, Architects, private clients for all sorts of interesting tasks. Its for anyone who finds themselves in the LAST MINUTE! Let me manage, shop, source, event plan your LAST MINUTE. What can I help you with?

Yours Truly

Website Design, Graphic Design, Surface Design, Logo + Brand Identity


Mobeevolve helps you make the right digital foot print that will help separate you from the ordinary and make your business stand out. How you ask? Mobeevolve is led by a passionate, professional and progressive team that lives and breathes design.

Mario Nobrega (Lincoln Inc)

I am a visual artist, that works under the alias of Lincoln Inc. I works predominantly in the mediums of illustration and photography, but also experiments with web design. I am a 3rd year visual communications student at Vega.

Elise Ruddle

I am a Johannesburg based freelance food stylist whose excitement and passion for food led me to becoming a Chef and then, after working alongside some of the top names in food styling in South Africa, an independent food stylist.

With an endlessly fruitful imagination, an eye for the finest detail and an on-set can-do attitude as well as determination to fulfill every client’s brief, I create a positive and productive working environment.

From conceptualisation all the way through to final product my focus remains on what my client’s needs are, what they envision and on the story they would like their food to tell.