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Lo Tshangela

Cookiemylo Studios is the Design and Illustration studio of South African based Illustrator, Designer and Art Director Lo Tshangela. The Cookiemylo studios can be found in the northern regions of Johannesburg, South Africa. The name Cookiemylo first came about as a pen/artist name which is made up of Lo’s nickname “Mylo” and his love for cookies.

Kelly Brown

My name is Kelly and I am a freelance illustrator based in Cape Town. I graduated from The Animation School. I do illustration, character, prop and environment design.

Stephen Kulp

Stephen Kulp is a professional Character Deisgner, Illustrator and Concept Artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He creates high-quality artwork for various media including Animation, Comic Books, Live Action TV, Games and Print.

Nokana Nokana

I am an artist illustrator doing dope creations of characters that show lots of emotive feelings and scenes. I do mostly drawings and paintings in my work.

Nicole hein

Freelance Illustrator and designer from Pretoria, South Africa. Graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2011, with Ba in Information design. Lecturer at Inscape design college, Pretoria

Stuart Flynn

Most of my clients are national marketing agencies. They are well organised and have great strategy and big picture ideas, but lack the technical expertise to create highly customised graphics. I combine illustration, Photoshop and animation to help bring their vision to life.

Jesse Breytenbach

Freelance illustrator with more than 20 years’ experience in publishing, specialising in comics and educational illustration, with a particular interest in narrative illustration.

Illustrations are created with pen and ink on paper, with digital colour added.

Vincent Sammy

I am a Cape Town based freelance illustrator working in the field of Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy and the Macabre.

I have been featured in INTERZONE, BLACK STATIC, BEWARE THE DARK, SOMETHING WICKED,PANDEMONIUM books as well as artwork featured in the 2012 movie CHRONICLE and in the 2015 movie TIGER HOUSE.

I am currently the 2016 cover artist for INTERZONE.


I was the runner-up in the 2012 THIS IS HORROR – Artist of the year awards and was nominated again in 2013. I have also been nominated for a BSFA award

Antoinette Pienaar

A freelance Graphic designer and Illustrator.

I have done various kinds of illustration. My style is fun and quirky but I also love creating conceptual pieces.

I specialize in paper art, but my mediums are and have been endless.

Feel free to email me for a quote or if you have any questions.

Lourens Swanepoel

My best skill is illustration, followed by logo design.

I am highly skilled in Mischief, Adobe Photoshop, -Illustrator and -InDesign.
I am also skilled in video editing. I can operate both video camera and JIB (crane) camera.
I know the basics of 3D modelling in 3D Max Studio and Maya.
I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (and still learning).
Most of my working experience is in the field of printing, so I know the digital printing side quite well; and I know the difference between good- and bad quality printing since I’ve worked with the machines themselves, set up the artwork and had them printed. I’m not easily fooled when it comes to printing. (:
I pay good attention to the quality of printing. The same goes for digital images.