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A Pretoria based company that designs and manufactures custom handmade jewellery.

What we offer:
– Jewellery Designs of any kind (hand drawn or on CAD)
– 3D Printing of jewellery in all precious metals.
– Stone setting
– Exquisite handmade pieces
– Jewellery repairs and modification

Van Bels Jewellery Designs

Van Bels Jewellery is a designer of luxury and custom-made jewellery.Founded by Godfrey Mbele.We make jewellery using a variety of materials, including Gold,Platinum,Palladium,Silver and precious stones.We design and plan pieces that can have great sentimental significance or symbolic meaning, can be wearable or are decorative artefacts in their own right.Currently based in Rustenburg.

Our Services

-We offer consultation on design development process to our clients,discussing a client’s range of options and formulating original ideas.
-Sketching out ideas,using computer-aided design (CAD), to help the client visualise the finished design.
-Quality Custom-made Jewellery
-Jewellery Repairs
-Jewellery Cleaning
-CAD Designing/Re-design
-Stone Setting

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