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Jewel Inspirations That Evoke Enchanting Ways Of Expression
Your Origin-Intelligent Acquisition for Eternity

Orikhu designs and manufactures high-end jewellery pieces that embody and emit a certain positive statement about the wearer (you) – a successful combination of intricate design, luxurious feel and timeless elegance that underline your personality.

Wear it during specific formal events such as weddings, gala events, graduations or cocktail evenings – or when you want to celebrate a personal achievement – or invest in heirloom pieces to leave behind a worthy legacy to last generations.

Inspired by gemstones from Africa found in territories once belonging to ancient Kings and Queens who craved personal power and wealth – combined with African mythology, its pantheon and stories – Orikhu delivers highly aesthetic pleasing jewellery and collection pieces from these kingdoms and the people who once reigned in them.

Each piece is encoded with a specific message of inspiration – with their own character and personality specifically chosen to bring forth a certain feeling and experience of power, courage, prominence, status, influence, strength, image, reputation, acknowledgement and financial security.

Orikhu also supplies loose stones to collectors, investors and small jewellery design operations.

Over centuries, gemstones have been admired and adored for their beauty and mythical qualities…

People of all countries, beliefs, languages and communities are enchanted by their marvelous use, feel and allure, making a prominent statement of aristocracy and eminence with a strong sense of identity and self-esteem.

A beautiful stone sourced from the earth has powerful properties and can take you to a distant world of magic, mystique and reverie – an artistic experience for spirit, soul and mind.

Orikhu pioneers a unique approach to exclusivity with one-of-a-kind pieces and collections, showcasing intricate design and exquisite craftsmanship that ignite a symbiotic relationship between you and the eminent work of art.

Orikhu upholds the highest standards of design integrity, originality, and creativity.


A Pretoria based company that designs and manufactures custom handmade jewellery.

What we offer:
– Jewellery Designs of any kind (hand drawn or on CAD)
– 3D Printing of jewellery in all precious metals.
– Stone setting
– Exquisite handmade pieces
– Jewellery repairs and modification

Van Bels Jewellery Designs

Van Bels Jewellery is a designer of luxury and custom-made jewellery.Founded by Godfrey Mbele.We make jewellery using a variety of materials, including Gold,Platinum,Palladium,Silver and precious stones.We design and plan pieces that can have great sentimental significance or symbolic meaning, can be wearable or are decorative artefacts in their own right.Currently based in Rustenburg.

Our Services

-We offer consultation on design development process to our clients,discussing a client’s range of options and formulating original ideas.
-Sketching out ideas,using computer-aided design (CAD), to help the client visualise the finished design.
-Quality Custom-made Jewellery
-Jewellery Repairs
-Jewellery Cleaning
-CAD Designing/Re-design
-Stone Setting

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